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  1. MRichter

    Gun Metallic 2023 Nissan Z Spotted with Black Leather Interior

    Nice! Some of the closest closeups I've seen. Showing off how metallic Gun Metallic is. 👍 Woulda loved to see it with black roof.
  2. MRichter

    2022 Nissan Z Has 400 HP, Costs $34,995 As Insider Spills The Beans
  3. MRichter

    2022 400Z Pricing Talk

    Do you have a pic? I haven't been a fan of BMW interior designs anyway starting with the E90 3 Series. It just got so avant garde.
  4. MRichter

    2022 400Z Pricing Talk

    Luckily that'll pretty much be the look of the interior cuz I love it, but I hope the quality ends up like what this interior appears to be as well.
  5. MRichter

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    Agreed. And to put it so prominently as one of the main points in the opening. We should be able to bank on the Spring 2021 on-sale date being accurate. The only caveat is if maybe the date has pushed or will push due to the pandemic.
  6. MRichter

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Love it I hope it makes production as-is in the same exact location. Its a welcomed unique position for a rear badge. Missed the live reveal but caught enough of a replay posted. Seemed like most of the exciting stuff was in the beginning anyway. It was definitely eye catching to use yellow as...
  7. MRichter

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Front win goes to the Supra. All other angles goes to the 400Z. Interior (especially the steering wheel and dash layout) also goes to the Z. And that's coming from a BMW guy. I voted for the Z overall.
  8. MRichter

    New Nissan Z Officially Teased in Video!

    O M G. I honestly didn't think this day would actually ever come after all these years of delay. Loving the 240z vibe it's throwing off! Read about the massive Nissan restructuring plan today, good luck to the company and hope the new Z help boosts its image in the US again!
  9. MRichter

    Civic Type-R coming to US announced by Honda

    Not to mention all the fake vents. 😂
  10. MRichter

    Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    Wow i damn near forgot about this car (and this site) :).. So glad Nissan didn't axe the Z, now let's see what they turn it into. If these rumors are true it could be a monster!
  11. MRichter

    Nissan vows lighter future models

    Just saw this news about Nissan's lightweight program. This bodes well for the Z (hopefully).
  12. MRichter


    Yea and one with anemic sales in need of lightweighting and definitely overdue for a make over. There would be no point to it. It won't spark sales enough to justify keeping the brand going and yea, a 370Z with a 3.0L engine makes no sense.
  13. MRichter


    True and from the sounds of it we won't get anything for another few yrs. Really promising that the VR series engine is making upwards of 400 HP in the Q50, hoping they can push that for 425+ for the next Z.
  14. MRichter


    I've been checking back now and then for any info. Finally something it seems. Question, how do we know for sure that it will be one of the V6 TT engines and not the 2.0 engine?
  15. MRichter

    New Z35 rumors - coming 2016, before Q60 debut, with more than 400 HP

    2017 model year is still a long while away so I don't think it's totally out of the question or unusual to not have seen any teasers. Most mfgrs still haven't built a 2016.
  16. MRichter

    What changes to the current Z would you like to see in the new model?

    Production version much less futuristic (to be expected) but still pretty nice IMO. I'd be happy with this for the next Z .
  17. MRichter

    Turbo wars

    Loved that car! makes me miss the heydays of the japanese sports cars of the 90's I still see a few around sometimes and give them props for sticking it out :)
  18. MRichter

    Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    +1 the new corporate styled front end works better on a smaller car I think than something as big as the new Maxima.