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  1. Gobby

    Dealers Already Plan on Marking Up Nissan Z Prices, Like This +$45K Markup For Z Proto Spec Edition

    lmao at that point just dish out the extra dough and get a GTR
  2. Gobby

    The longer the wait...

    The Z will be my last ICE car, once I get an EV daily driver I'll be doing full conversion on the Z from daily driver to drift missile
  3. Gobby

    I'm back (maybe)

    Dose of reality: you're gonna need to be hella lucky to achieve that.
  4. Gobby

    Brilliant Silver 2023 Nissan Z Spotted Post-Accident + Engine Bay + Best Launch Sounds Yet

    Sounds good but I'm still changing that exhaust :p
  5. Gobby

    Orders Open on 11/15/21 for 2022 Nissan Z

    yea my itch to just go for the new brz/86 is making it harder for me to wait as well
  6. Gobby

    Any Supra owners dumping their cars for the 2023 Nissan Z?

    Personally, if I could find a supra that wasn't price gouged out the wahzoo, I'd buy it over the Z. In fact I'm constantly looking for reasonable listings. I've experienced the new supra and honestly, all the bmw jokes asides, it's a really solid car. I'm also not someone who has a hard-on...