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  1. Is Nissan really serious about improving the Z's handling?

    I agree. One of the reasons I never owned a 370z was that I had previously owned 2004 (base) & 2005 (roadster) 350z. I always thought they were too similar. I hope the new Z has better handling. Just sold my MIata ND1 which had go cart handling. Have not seen any news of the new Z on the...
  2. Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    I was bored last night and requested a quote (socal area) for a premium. Dealership wanted $6k over MSRP :).
  3. Orders Open on 11/15/21 for 2022 Nissan Z

    Right on. I am not paying a penny over MSRP. I am also a Z fan (owned 2004 350z base, 2005 350z roadster touring in the days).
  4. 11/26 Update From Dealer: 2023 Nissan Z reservations open February and goes on sale May-June 2022

    Regarding MSRP for the Ariya, I did an online chat with a customer rep this morning. Rep told me regardless of the reservation, the final price will be determined by the dealership :(.
  5. What is the situation with 0-60?

    When I am your age, my concern for top speed would be how many seconds I could hit the toilet :). I am 49 at the moment LOL!
  6. What does everyone do for a living?

    Internet Browser
  7. Toyota Presents World Debut of the New 2022 GR 86

    If people aren't willing to pay, I am sure they will adjust.
  8. What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    I want MSRP out the door (in Calif). Haha. Guess I will wait forever.. On a serious note, If she is over 3550lbs+ I might consider buying another Miata (recently sold the ND1 which I owned 5.5 years).
  9. Let's talk about weight

    My guess would be 3570 lbs for the Performance Trim. Hopefully she will be lighter.
  10. See the new 2023 Nissan Z at Z Car Garage in NorCal on 10/23

    Will try to be there and take some pictures.
  11. FD RX7 vs Z: There can only be one.

    I say keep the car a few more years then decide. At that point some of the bugs have been fixed and price will be easier to negotiate. You have a nice ride. I sold my Miata ND 2016 three months ago. The Miata was the longest car I owned 5.5 years, 50k miles and was my favorite amount...
  12. Larry Chen showing at DTLA

    Haha. I live in Socal most of my life and had to put the address down on google map to see where the actual spot. RIght on about the hood. Unfortunately, I have to work :(.
  13. Larry Chen showing at DTLA

    I might go as well.
  14. What purpose will your Z serve?

    The new Z will be used to pick up ladies at the bar. Suv for home depot runs.
  15. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    Just like the dealers will tell you it will sell like hotcakes or sells itself.
  16. Its just a parts car…huh?

    People want completely new everything these day. Is that mindset. Trying building something like a table or a chair and see how far you get LOL!
  17. What to do between now and April?

    Probably hit the nude bars.
  18. Wait... is it $38k or $40k starting?

    But an additional $5k will only get you the base Supra. But but Germany engineering is trash and will be broken :)). I am just messing here. I tested drove the Supra twice. Fast car and looks good in person. Didn't pull the trigger since I am too afraid to own German cars.