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  1. Houston.Z35

    Hmm, about the VR30DDTT......

    This is the issue.
  2. Houston.Z35

    What products would you like to see made for the Z?

    Fucking overfenders, yes I'll be THAT guy.
  3. Houston.Z35

    Buying New or Pre owned

    This will be my first new car, for the first time in my life it actually makes more financial sense to buy new vs used thanks to the current market. Plus it might be a while before they turn up used at a reasonable price.
  4. Houston.Z35

    The car(s) you wish you had back?

    Out of every car I've ever owned, I miss my 40th Anniversary 370Z the most - I got really lucky that Owner #1 (I was #2) was a real one....he put put the entire Nismo catalog in that car. Shocks Springs Sways Intakes Exhaust Brake Pads ECU Flash I loved the colors, that Red interior was just...
  5. Houston.Z35

    Lotus emira price is out. vs Z !

    This just doesn't make sense over a C8...let alone a C8 Z-06 I'd grab a fully loaded Z and use the change on mods.
  6. Houston.Z35

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    75 starting seems a bit steep in my book for a Turbo 4.......yes I know it's the really high strung AMG Turbo 4 but still, I'd take the C8 over it
  7. Houston.Z35

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    UK retail for £76k (about $105k USD)
  8. Houston.Z35

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    In my opinion as an enthusiast, there isn't a better option for under 50k than the new Z, over 50k and it's C8 time and you won't find a better car until you get into exotic territory and from there is the badge and maintenance costs really worth it over the C8 Z-06? Z34 v2.0 for me until the...
  9. Houston.Z35

    Toyota GR 86 vs Nissan Z

    I liked the 1st gen Toyobaru, it truly is the closest thing to a "S16" that ever came after 2002 but I have the same problem with it that everyone does - lack of power. Add to that the motors tend to pop after you add boost just makes it all the more frustrating. The 2nd gen Toyobaru seems to...
  10. Houston.Z35

    Japanese Nostalgic Car - What we learned from seeing the production 2023 Nissan Z in person

    Not quite...the Z31 had a RB20DET in Japan - Fairlady Z: 200ZR The JDM Z31 Lineup was a clusterfuck, stuff like this is what led to near bankruptcy in 1999 and then Carlos Ghosn and CVTs after. VG20ET: 200Z, 200ZG, 200ZS RB20DET: 200ZR VG30DE: 300ZR VG30ET: 300ZX
  11. Houston.Z35

    A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    You called it! It's going to be a badge engineered CIvic Hatchback with Acura design and features....damned shame for the Honda Fans, They really coulda had something special here.
  12. Houston.Z35

    Texas Dealership Reconnaissance

    Central Nissan is doing 4k markups, they seem to be the only ones willing to do any kind of list.
  13. Houston.Z35

    What changes were made to VR30?

    Negative, I went with MHD for the ease and price.
  14. Houston.Z35

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    25% incorrect, I was off on the trims and Brembos, Everything else was spot on. Also the secondary market doesn't rely on any sort of insider information, Just open AutoTrader.... it's all right there
  15. Houston.Z35

    What changes were made to VR30?

    It's not, you have to swap the injectors to play with corn juice on the Qs. Pain to work on, absolutely. Ton of money to make power?, all BMWs are crackhead cheap to make gains - all you need is an Android app and $130 for +50< hp/tq Bolt-ons are 90's honda cheap and get you +100< hp/tq...
  16. Houston.Z35

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    Aside from randomly hating.....did you even read the posts? Dan and Nissan have 0 control over secondary market.
  17. Houston.Z35

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    Central Houston Nissan is doing a 4k markup, that's straight from the GM's mouth. All others in the Houston area have no information / are not willing to talk about it. These things are going to print money on the secondary market, mark my words - C8 Jr. There's nothing else with 400hp and a...
  18. Houston.Z35

    Nissan Z roadster coming? What about a T-Top, Targa Top, or Shooting Brake?

    It makes my blood boil when folks ruin a perfectly good car with a "wagon" render.