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  1. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Car youtubers you like?

    I like this guy.
  2. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Nissan R36 GT-R

    So you can put lipstick on a pig. 😜 🤣
  3. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Should we be worried about the Z's reliability, fit and finish?

    Pre-production or not, how did something like that even pass the quality inspection.
  4. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    I spotted the 2023 Nissan Z on public roads today

    I remember some of those stupid Scion commercials where they were shot at a car meets.
  5. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    Are you on the Supramkv forum? Just wondering if we crossed paths before.
  6. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    2023 Z SPORT Trim Model Spotted in Camo

    Yup, Nissan gotz to keep cock teasing us somehow.
  7. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

    If we can get back on topic (again)...
  8. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Same here, I can get pass some of the fugliest if it had a stick, but it's never going to happen.
  9. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Toyota Presents World Debut of the New 2022 GR 86

    Toyota actually toyed around with the idea with the 1st gen a while back.
  10. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    What's in the news today...

    Some kids were planning on shooting up a school. SMH... :mad:
  11. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Civic Type-R coming to US announced by Honda

    Oh yes, I did remember reading about that.
  12. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Civic Type-R coming to US announced by Honda

    SF was way better before they brought it from Steven. Yeah they do and that's the problem. To them it's just a business. You look at forums that are ran by enthusiasts like this one, FT86club ect. versus corporation owned forums and you can see the differences in the level of passion. Anyways...
  13. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Nissan Z book: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance

    Speaking of the shoes, did anyone ended up getting them?
  14. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Nissan Z Rendered in Midnight Purple & Millennium Jade

    Oh no... @Haste has been replaced! 🤣 jk :p