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    Spotted: 2023 Nissan Z in Passion Red and Brilliant Silver

    I’m really digging the silver.

    Used car prices...

    I bought my Ram 1500 when the pandemic first started and got almost $20,000 off in incentives because no one was buying cars. I could sell it for more than I bought it for now. Crazy.

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    Just think, it will make the Z feel that much better when you upgrade.

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    If i can't find one without ADM's, probably a Mustang GT premium. Maybe an M2.

    2022 Toyota Tundra Leaked!

    I went from driving a GTI to a Ram 1500 crew cab with a 6.5' bed. It took some getting used to but now it doesn't even feel that big. I wouldn't buy a truck with anything less than a 6' bed personally. I like to carry a few of my surfboards at most times and want to be able to lock them under...

    Hobbies & collectors thread

    I haven't tried any deterrents, but I haven't had any encounters in all the hours I've spent in the ocean. If the population keeps rising and they become more frequent in my area as the ocean temp rises I might consider one. What's the name of the company your husband uses?

    Hobbies & collectors thread

    That's me from last week's hurricane Larry swell. We have Great Whites here, the numbers are increasing as well, but not like Western Australia. I'd still paddle out there, but I'd definitely be on high alert.

    Hobbies & collectors thread

    Not really a collector of anything for sentimental, emotional or monetary reasons, but like others here, I also have a safe full of guns. My main "hobby", or way of life really, is surfing. started 25 years ago and been through many surf boards. My current collection consists of 8 boards.

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    All you're doing is giving them ammo to justify ADM's. This forum will probably know price and release dates before they do. I wish people would stop going to dealers and asking them about it.
  10. MARLEY

    Where did everyone go to school? What was your major?

    Southern New Hampshire University, earned my BS in Business Admin and 1 more year to finish my MS in Data Analytics.
  11. MARLEY

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    I'm going to be confusing these for civics from behind.
  12. MARLEY

    Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    It's almost instant. Way faster than the A/C. The best part is using the cooled seats with the windows down. Usually the A/C is pointless with the windows down, but the seats keep you cool and happy.
  13. MARLEY

    Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    I have cooled seats in my Ram. Makes a big difference. I live in Maine and still would have preferred cooled over heated. This is a summer car!
  14. MARLEY

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    Lol there's not even an argument to make, the auto will absolutely be faster. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. And it will be fun. Paddle shifters can still be fun. But I'm still getting a manual because I doubt I'll ever have the chance to again. That's the only reason...
  15. MARLEY

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    You don't have to justify yourself for getting an auto. People act like driving a manual makes you elite, but 15 year olds with zero driving experience can learn it in half an hour. It's not difficult at all. Driving a sporty car with paddle shifters is still fun, and it will without a doubt be...
  16. MARLEY

    Toyota GR 86 vs Nissan Z

    I can't believe this is a 3 page thread. They're not even in the same class in my mind. The only similarities are 2 door, RWD and manual, might as well throw in a 992 911, or maybe an Aston Martin Vantage for comparison.
  17. MARLEY

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    The only thing that would stop me at this point is huge mark-ups.
  18. MARLEY

    New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    For me, I'm looking at AMS intake, AMS heat exchanger, AAM 3" full resonated downpipe, Stillen 2.5" 'cat-back' exhaust, BTuned tune, HKS BOV. That should hopefully get it to mid-high 400's HP/ low-mid 500's TQ to the wheels.
  19. MARLEY

    Front Plate Placement & Custom Plates

    And Supra owners can get TRADE4Z.
  20. MARLEY

    What does everyone do for a living?

    And owner of a good boy.