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  1. johnny_10196

    Photos: Gun Metallic Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    Here are some larger and clearer pics.
  2. johnny_10196

    Should we be worried about the Z's reliability, fit and finish?

    Just saw this on the Z facebook group. \
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    Z34 vs Z35

    Here is another side by side comparison.
  4. johnny_10196

    2023 Nissan Z Shows Up at Pop-Up Nissan Meet

    The blue is nice and all, but when are we going to see it new colors?
  5. johnny_10196

    Show me the red interior ….

    A video on youtube right? I was going to post it on here but I can't find it anymore. I guess someone took it down.
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    All-new Z exterior designer Naoyuki Ohkoshi and interior designer Takuya Yamashita interview

    2023 Nissan Z's Design Chosen From 100 Proposals Submitted Globally
  7. johnny_10196

    Official Nissan Z Nismo Discussion / News & Speculation via Bestcarweb Japan
  8. johnny_10196

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    Motortrend just posted up some more new pics.
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    Where did everyone go to school? What was your major?

    So true... I remember how one of my teachers use to rant to us that he has a degree in chemistry and physics and is stuck teaching making $45k, but a childhood friend of his that has connections is making well over $100k with just a high school diploma.
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    2022 Toyota Tundra Leaked!

    Why is there an undisguised Tundra sitting out in the middle of nowhere? o_O
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    Covid & Vaccines discussion

    So I want to follow up on my post. After meeting with my dr. we both agree that I should not get the vaccine at the moment. I have a heart condition that could be made worst from the shot. Also, my Oncologist friend over at MD Anderson said chemo patience that have received the vaccines have...
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    Nissan Z demographics

    I'm 40 and this will be my first Z car.