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  1. Hands-On Impressions, Analysis & Reactions from the web about the 2023 Nissan Z

    That IS a production Proto Spec, stated clearly at 00:34 in the video. Blowing a little smoke at cold start with revs doesn't mean the engne is persistently "running rich". 5:33 Narrator: "It is a cold start, so we're not going to crazy revving" Driver: "Hold my beer"
  2. What products would you like to see made for the Z?

    I'd cover up the rear strut brace too.
  3. What products would you like to see made for the Z?

    All that plus carbon fiber katanas.
  4. Lotus emira price is out. vs Z !

    V6 First Edition is $93,900, I-4 base is $74,900. My thoughts...I want one, badly. But I'll have to settle that my best friend is already a priority customer and I don't do twinsies. I intend to drive his as often as he'll let me, at least until the Z is parked in my garage.. Lotus of Naples...
  5. Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets "...Exterior changes are minimal, with the Performance adding heated door mirrors, a front chin spoiler and a tasteful rear deck lip spoiler. The Sport comes with chrome-capped exhaust tips, while the...
  6. Civic Type-R coming to US announced by Honda

    That is some necromancer-level, dark magic thread resurrection right there.
  7. PPF or Ceramic Coating on your new Z?

    Think of PPF as Saran Wrap for your car. A product like XPEL, arguably the industry benchmark, will run around $750ish if you opt to do only the areas most prone to scratches/flying debris like lower rocker panels, bumpers, front spoiler, and first 1/4 of the hood. Installers apply PPF much the...
  8. ONE best new feature that impresses, and ONE that missed

    Most interesting (and unexpected): carbon fiber driveshaft Disappointment: No front hinged hood
  9. A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    Automotive journalism must be so stressful, think of how difficult it must be having to write fresh content about a vehicle none of these jackoffs have even driven yet.
  10. A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    Sounds like he's just pissed that he can't get the car in his own country.
  11. Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    Pretty much everything is an add-on charge with Porsche, as soon as I saw the word "standard" my radar blipped.
  12. Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    Horseshit. Ventilated seats are part of the Premium Package for $4050.00.
  13. Japanese Nostalgic Car - What we learned from seeing the production 2023 Nissan Z in person

    The take-away from this article: "Tamura-san also revealed that the rear of the body has new reinforcements. “Parts of the design look like carryovers [from the 370Z], but it’s all new stamping.”

    Dislikes: Randomly mixing upper and lower case fonts in a thread title
  15. AMS Performance VR30

    But, but, I thought we were too obsessed with the weight of the vehicle to make it AWD.
  16. Nissan Z demographics

    younger and thinner.
  17. Nissan Z demographics

    It's not the's the mileage
  18. What was your first car?

    1976 Plymouth Duster, 360CI small block, factory 4 barrel and 727 torqueflite trans. I got rid of it after I blew up the 3rd differential in college :cool:.
  19. do you have names for your vehicles?

    One cannot simply have enough pointy guitars. ...thread derailed, my work here is done.