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  1. 2023 Nissan Z will be at Nismo Fiesta in Austin TX on October 15th-17th

    Yea I was happy they replied to me, but bummed out the new Z won’t be there.
  2. BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    @2JZ-No-Sh*t I was on the Supramkv forum very briefly and wasn't active at all.
  3. 2023 Nissan Z will be at Nismo Fiesta in Austin TX on October 15th-17th

    2 and a half hour drive from Fort Worth. Hopefully I'll have time to go.
  4. What products would you like to see made for the Z?

    I agree with the other comments saying more carbon fiber pieces (especially to change out the gloss black pieces). I’m interested to see what body kits will come out once the car is released.
  5. The car(s) you wish you had back?

    Here’s some cars I miss. 1993 RX-7 FD. Traded it with just under 50k miles. Only thing not original was the exhaust. Really fun car 1978 280Z. Never got to do much with it. Was fixing the completely rusted out floor pans in college when the garage that was helping me shut down unexpectedly...
  6. Texas Dealership Reconnaissance

    Burleson Nissan said they’ve been given no info, but are taking contact of people interested.
  7. What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    I was kicking around the idea of trading my Supra and getting a Porsche GT4 instead of the Z, but decided to keep the Supra and add the Z to the garage with it.
  8. Any current or past Z owners? & Post pics of your Z car!

    I haven’t owned a Z in years, but I had a 1978 280Z and a 1990 300ZX TT in college. Also owned a 2012 G37S for a few years.
  9. RS Watanabe

    Please keep us posted here if they can do a custom order. I'd be down to buy a set.
  10. Texas members gather here...

    I love south of Fort Worth in the Burleson/Alvarado area. 37 acres of family land with a 2 post lift in the family garage/shop so we can do our own work. Took some time away from the forums for work and just getting back on. Current cars are 2020 Ranger and 2020 Supra. Past cars have been...
  11. RS Watanabe

    I've looked at these as well, but it would have to be a custom order. would look great though if Watanabe would be willing to do it.
  12. Nissan COO leaks 2022 Nissan Z specs ( V6 twin turbo, 400hp) and $40k base price?!

    Spring 2022 with base price of $40k isn't bad. Time to save some money and finish up other projects.
  13. Nissan Z spotted with less camo!

    The color looks good and I like seeing the car with less camo. Its gonna be nice to see with no camo at all in all the colors offered. I like the black roof, but don't feel like it'll go well on every color.
  14. Who is going to track the new Z?

    Never been on a track yet, but would love to take the new Z and my Supra out to compare how each performs.
  15. What purpose will your Z serve?

    It won’t be my daily, but I will occasionally daily drive it and I will drive it quite a bit on the weekends.
  16. Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Not too much longer until the official release at ZCON and New York auto show.
  17. Texas members gather here...

    Thanks! :)
  18. Front Plate Placement & Custom Plates

    I’ll be getting custom plates for my DV plates. Not sure what they’ll say yet though.
  19. Mazda RX-VISION Concept / New RX coming?

    Well this could be very interesting.
  20. BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and never had an issue. The 2021s seem to have more problems than the 2020s. Funny thing is there isn’t a solution currently available for this recall aside from don’t do what causes the problem.