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  1. Spoiler or No Spoiler?

    Thats funny because while everyone is LSD this or LSD that ... all I care about is I really want spoiler!
  2. Lotus emira price is out. vs Z !

    Looks amazing, and I applaud them for making a manual version ( I hope the manual never goes away on sport cars) but I still like the simple silhouette of the Z. Ask me when I was 17 and I would have thought the Emira looks so bad ass, but like a lot of things in life you're tastes...
  3. Photos: Gun Metallic Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    Looks much better than in the other spy pics, not sure how i feel about the lack of black roof tho
  4. Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    Thanks everyone! Looks like performance offers significant upgrades over sport...
  5. Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    I often get different information about what exactly the difference entered the 2 are. I know the basics: Performance model: - Has leather seats - Has 9 inch screen (opposed to 8 inch) - has bigger breaks - has 19 inch wheels (opposed to 18 inch) - has LSD - has spoiler - has Bose sound system...
  6. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    Thanks man. Totally get how some people prefer automatic, just boggles my mind because its so much fun to manually shift on a sports car like this
  7. Show me the red interior ….

    To be honest, both blue and red interiors will only really work on a handful of paint colors. Red would look great with black, blue would look good with white or blue, etc. Black interior would still be the safest choice. Ideally, I want blue on blue like the car they used in unveiling, but...
  8. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    Im turning 40 in February, so if I am somehow able to get one in 2022 then it can still technically be my bday present
  9. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    Wasn't the supra a flop ? Mainly due to lack of manual transmission (massive mistake by Toyota in my opinion)
  10. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    I hope you're right
  11. A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion , but what was he expecting? Its a Z car, meaning long hood, short sloping backside, retro cabin with the 3 gaugues , a manual transmission etc. All Zs will have these common factors otherwise its not really a z anymore
  12. ONE best new feature that impresses, and ONE that missed

    Maybe thats a good thing for those of us who don't want a Nismo?
  13. How hard will it be to get a Z?

    I made this same topic on another Z forum and got a wide range of opinions, so curious what you fine folk on this forum think. We are all really excited about the new Z, but realistically speaking, with the chip shortages , dealer markups, demand for cars , not to mention the hype behind the...
  14. Are you getting manual or automatic?

    I respect everyone's preferences but a part of me is sad seeing so many sports cars enthusiasts want to get the Automatic Z. Its pretty sad to think that in a few years there might be no new cars at all coming out with manual transmission. It baffled me why Toyota made the Supra auto only but...
  15. ONE best new feature that impresses, and ONE that missed

    This is a great thread ! For me : Objective : love Nissan for offering a six speed manual transmission when others are chasing the bottom line and going just auto Subjective : love the minimalist look. Clean lines , no fake vents and ridges and bumbs all over the place. Just simple, clean...