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  1. Photos: Gun Metallic Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    Agree, It has been and is going to be a long wait with plenty of distractions in between.
  2. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - Visual Comparison

    Agree with prior comment - Supra is what I call, over styled. In my opinion, no contest - the Z is understated elegance and the better choice.
  3. Stanced new Z out of Japan-animation

    Good points and agree / probably will go virtual -
  4. Stanced new Z out of Japan-animation

    Nice and agree about the wheels - saw this morning at Car and Driver / New York Auto Show cancelled - grand reveal status unsure? (link below)
  5. 2022 Nissan Z in Various Colors (Rendering)

    We now have color! Even though it is a rendering - it still helps Yellow was maybe wearing a little thin. Thanks
  6. Visible Changes Compared - Nissan Z34 to Z35

    Agree with a prior comment, thanks for pulling the comparison together - interesting and helpful. I guess the bottom line for me is seeing it im person, getting official details by model and pricing. Getting closer, but it is going to be a long wait. Thanks again