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  1. 71zman

    I too am parting with my Z

    Nice Z!. to bad you are not just up to throwing on a set of Nismo Coilovers and keeping the Z. I have a Proto Z and a Nismo Z and the Proto is certainly much softer in the suspension. I will be adding the Nismo coilovers/spring set very soon. I too prefer a stiffer ride but would not get rid of...
  2. 71zman

    So Long Z - it was Fun(ish)

    @mtjohnson Congrats on your decision to move on from the Z. Everyone has a different opinion on cars and you are certainly entitled to yours but for the me having owned/own many cars now and in the past I am settled with my 4 z cars. 71 240z restomod, 90 300zx 2+2 AT 23 Z Proto 6mt, 24 Nismo AT...
  3. 71zman

    She'Z home!

    Nice Nismo! Welcome to The Club. I did Black as well!
  4. 71zman

    Preferred Gas Station - What’s Yours?

    I only Use Shell Premium fuel.
  5. 71zman

    Fujitsubo Exhaust for RZ34

    Did you dyno your vehicle before/after to determine the 20hp increase with the Borla Exhaust mod?
  6. 71zman

    Fujitsubo Exhaust for RZ34

    Nice Choice! I just installed the Stype in mine 23 z proto. Super happy with it. Did you install the Stype or Atak system?
  7. 71zman

    Borla exhaust released

    There’s a good chance that I will keep all aspects of that car Nissan/Nismo. So I Am seriously considering the Nismo Titanium exhaust.
  8. 71zman

    Borla exhaust released

    The Z proto gets a Borla Stype exhaust today. It was super easy to install. Fit and finish is what you would expect from Borla! Sound is exactly what I wanted as well. Now I really enjoy driving this car. Stock exhaust was puny and way to quiet / no feedback . Yes I love the sound. Highly...
  9. 71zman

    Speed Forme Front Grille Bar

    Nice Option! Looks well made. But I'm sticking to my wide open swallow you whole front grille! :):)
  10. 71zman

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    I bought my 6MT Proto on Sept 8th 2022 and my 24 Nismo on Oct 31 2023. I have yet to see another in the wild. Pretty lonely here in Central Indiana!!
  11. 71zman

    Borla exhaust released

    Looks Like a really well built and designed setup. I just ordered the Borla Stype for My 23 Proto. I'm considering this Version for my 24 Nismo. @MapleOne please post pics/video of your install if you end up getting the armytrix exhaust.
  12. 71zman

    Borla exhaust released

    I was on their notification list and got the email yesterday that they are available to order. After listening to the many exhaust options out there I am ordering the Borla Stype for my Proto 6MT with Chrome exhaust tips. I just like the throaty sound of the Stype better than the ATAK version...
  13. 71zman

    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    No Spacers needed! Yes. I intend on Installing Coilovers this summer. I try to do a few things at a time to keep my car hobby occupied:) Also adding an aftermarket exhaust to the Proto.
  14. 71zman

    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    To me it fits fine. But you Fit is fine to me. But others might find it a bit stretched. Check out these close up photos so you can decide. Actually my original intent when I bought the factory spec Conti’s tires was to put them on the factory rims. So it might look better with a wider tire...
  15. 71zman

    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    I went with the factory size tires. The Conti”s are way better than the Factory Dunlops.
  16. 71zman

    Proposal...just an idea

    @trackratZ ..If in Central Indiana. I’d gladly let you drive either . Proto 6mt or Nismo.
  17. 71zman

    Scuff guards: worth it?

    My Proto doesn't have scuff Nismo does have them. Doesn't make a difference to me either way. I'm always careful entering and exiting my NICE cars anyway. So I could take it or leave it. Scuff guards don't look bad tho.
  18. 71zman

    Road noise during the winter…?

    I just changed my tires to Conti DWS06 plus and it made all the difference. No More Factory Dunlop Ski's to ride/slide on! Getting new tires Conti's as I did or Michelin PS4S are a must for all weather driving and otherwise.
  19. 71zman

    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    No Close up pics. But yes rims clear the Calipers very well and rims/wheels site perfectly with the fender wells.
  20. 71zman

    NISMO Z in Dealerships? Black NISMO for sale!

    So how much was The markup??