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  1. Fairlady_464r

    Corvette SUV

    Luckily, that monstrosity isn’t going into production. It was just a Nissan sponsored school project.
  2. Fairlady_464r

    R35 GTR Officially ends Production after 17 years

    End of an era. I know people labeled it a “computer on wheels” when it first came out (mostly due to no manual). But how many new supercars can you still buy with hydraulic power steering? Even the Z went EPS due to the VR30. It still has a V6 with 2 turbos and no hybrid component in sight...
  3. Fairlady_464r

    Rare 270R Gets Vandalized by Fire Chief

    Cowards, fucking cowards. These dipshits don’t have the balls to confront people so they shit on their property instead. Hope he gets sued into oblivion.
  4. Fairlady_464r

    My visit to Techsport Racing to see the Z NISMO GT4

    Are the lip, wing, and canards the only plant fiber parts Nissan was talking about? Or is the entire body plant fiber? I noticed the brown hue of those parts.
  5. Fairlady_464r

    1-2 FINISH for NISMO in Super GT 2024 RD 2

    Nice first GT500 win for Miyake in his second outing no less. When Nismo initially revealed their driver lineup, I was skeptical of his abilities but gahdamn I’m glad he proved me wrong. Quintarelli is a little slower than Chiyo but even then still ended with a P2. The main Nismo crews had a...
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    That’s what happens when marketing bozos get involved with…well anything lol.
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    Does anybody know which wire is power for the fuel pump?

    Question: I live in Colorado, temps are usually pretty cool. The majority of gas stations only have 91 octane. Would I be ok with a tune on a bone stock cooling system? The summers aren’t usually all that hot and right now temps are consistent around 50F. I’d most likely do a remote tune as well...
  8. Fairlady_464r

    Does anybody know which wire is power for the fuel pump?

    Will this cause any issues with a modern car by throwing codes or something? I have a 22 Q50 and want to do the same thing.
  9. Fairlady_464r

    CREWCH 500ZG

    Ok those exhaust tips are pretty cool
  10. Fairlady_464r

    So Long Z - it was Fun(ish)

    Just curious, was your Z auto or manual?
  11. Fairlady_464r

    Official: 2024 Nissan NISMO Z Pricing Starts At $66,085 MSRP

    The 3.0 is already a square setup, I wonder if they bored it, stroked it or both to get 3.5L. In either case it’s just a heavier engine without much benefit. The biggest issue with the 3.0 is the headifolds, they’re not that efficient if you keep adding power. You can’t add bigger and bigger...
  12. Fairlady_464r

    Matched the katana blade to my wheels….well….the best I could

    Don’t ever go Fly1, their shit is cheap with atrocious fitment. The 370 community isn’t a huge fan of their shit either.
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    2024 Z NISMO GT4

    To clarify I was was talking about how if you put the 9AT in manual mode, the “shifting” is basically like a sequential. You can’t skip gears similar to a sequential and you can use paddles to control shifting. In that sense, they’re pretty much the same thing. Internally one’s a planetary box...
  14. Fairlady_464r

    2024 Z NISMO GT4

    Yep. I’d still want the GT4 tranny though , that thing would have lightning quick shifts.
  15. Fairlady_464r

    NISMO 2024 Motorsports Announcement

    Fuck man, they got rid of the Calsonic blue😢 Can’t wait to see the GT300 spec Z though.
  16. Fairlady_464r

    2024 Super GT - Nissan Z GT500 - Endless Sport - Fictional Concept Livery Design

    Damnit!! Now I really want Nissan to add a fifth Nismo car with one of these liveries. The blue one is too similar in shade to Kondo Racing, so either yellow or pink.
  17. Fairlady_464r

    Greddy/Trust working on Turbo Kit

    Yeah I guess so, I haven't crunched the numbers to know which route is cheaper which would be the deciding factor for the layman.
  18. Fairlady_464r

    Greddy/Trust working on Turbo Kit

    But Nismo themselves went A2A for their GT4 car. I doubt they would’ve gone through all that effort of changing the entire charge cooling system if they didn’t see any gains that were worth it. Their GT4 car also suffers much more abuse than any street Z out there. Even those high hp roll racers...
  19. Fairlady_464r

    R35 Nissan GT-R Thread

    Those are Top Secret’s own wheels🤣