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  1. 2024 Nismo Z available for MSRP

    Aaron, If you can get a passion red stick shift in performance or sport trim let me know. thanks
  2. **Z's of Tokyo Auto Show 2024** Photo Gallery

    A couple were cool. I have become more of a "less is more" type in my older years. That red Artisan is good. The blue one from Crewch is kinda cool. Like its rims. Just waiting for a manual passion red sport or performance to pop up somewhere in the US.
  3. How to search for a Z

    So they are making a whole lot more of the performance trim than the sport trim. Sport trim total is 330 ( assuming the numbers not in ( ) are the actual total of each transmission choice). Performance is 1780. Nismo is 725. Total is 2835. A little more than 11% will be sport trim. at...
  4. I Give Up!

    If you get a manual passion red sport or performance let me know. Would tempted for an orange, but want a passion red.
  5. Nismo at MSRP

    Can you get a passion red, manual, sport or performance at MSRP or less? Prefer less than MSRP. If so, let me know. And if it can spec it out beforehand that would be awesome.
  6. How to search for a Z

    I think i've seen nismo passion reds available for US market and in the inventory search. But Nismo is auto only. So I wait. If anyone sees a passion red manual in the US let me know.
  7. How to search for a Z

    I'd like a red, maybe orange, manual. I'll be waiting for a while.
  8. New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    what are the 2 reds? performance or sport? auto or stick? and where? please and thank you!
  9. MC's 2024 Z NISMO

  10. New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    You are always very quick with a response. love it. and thanks. just need to see that color and passion red in the US.
  11. New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    Is that in the US?
  12. 2024 Nissan Z and NISMO Pricing (MSRP)!!

    Did you see any Red or Orange nismo's? Or maybe any in performance or sport? thanks

    Which dealer around St Louis is selling at MSRP? Thanks in advance.

    I thought i remember you posting you may put it up for sale on the forum to see if any forum members wanted to buy it. Am I remembering wrong? that seems to happen at times. Mostly since I've gotten older. lol
  15. How to search for a Z

    So its a passion red stick!! It has not even arrived at the the dealership and they are adding bs packages?? And market adjustment! And it's a 2023 not a 2024. Wonder when it was produced. I'll hold out until spring and see whats up then. But would really love to have it.
  16. MC's 2023 Z

    If possible, and if i didn't miss it, what is MSRP on the nismo?
  17. MC's 2023 Z

    thanks for the quick reply. Now just need to get one.
  18. MC's 2023 Z

  19. 2024 JDM Nissan Z Pricing Announced + Nismo

    So you will be able to get the orange color on any level of Z? So a sport 6 speed in orange is possible? probably won't find one but that's for a different thread. hahaha