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  1. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Beatles
  2. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Just Like Paradise - David Lee Roth
  3. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Just a Little Love - 38 Special
  4. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    The Kids are Alright - The Who
  5. KCZ

    Its my Z's birthday, what should I get her?

    Ceramic coating?
  6. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Sheila - The Georgia Satellites
  7. KCZ

    The Pet Thread

    My little doofus. She hangs upside down when she wants to get out of her cage.
  8. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
  9. KCZ

    Song Title Game

    Stop! in the Name of Love - The Supremes
  10. KCZ

    New Z vs 350Z

    Ouch. You should see my Evora...totally bare bones controls. Jeremy Clarkson said it looked like it was designed by a third-grader.
  11. KCZ

    New Z vs 350Z

    A lot of reasons, starting with it being Redline, modified with everything I wanted, didn't have a digital dash and electronic nannies, more useful storage space, more aftermarket stuff, etc, etc.
  12. KCZ

    New Z vs 350Z

    Like my Z, but if I could get a new 350 like my original one, I'd trade in a heartbeat.
  13. KCZ

    Current thoughts on MT vs AT

    I've been driving MT's my whole life...learned on a neighbor's farm truck when I was in HS. and since then have owned a whole assortment of MT's, from SUVs on back roads to sports cars on the track. I know AT's are supposed to be faster, but I can't imagine a sports car without a MT and...
  14. KCZ

    Current gas prices in your area? / Oil News

    $4.55 for 93 octane.
  15. KCZ

    Goodies coming

    Which Volks are those, and what size did you get? I hate the black OEM wheels and I'm looking for a silver or anthracite replacement.
  16. KCZ

    Did Nissan make the right call by naming it just "Z"?

    I would have liked Fairlady Z, but just Z is OK. Renaming it after thirty year-old models (300ZX) would have been a big mistake.
  17. KCZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    Haven't had time for photos, but it looks OK to me, and yesterday I took it to the shop I usually use for service (non-dealer!) to have it inspected and they thought it looked OK.
  18. KCZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    I was stupid enough to do this today. I had an appt for 1:00 and I arrived a couple of minutes early. The service writer said the only tech qualified to do this was at lunch and would be back in half an hour. 45 minutes later, they told me they had moved the car into a bay. 45 minutes later...
  19. KCZ

    who hand washes their car?

    I have 2 SUV's that get put through the car wash at least weekly to remove mud, salt, and debris. Twice a year and as needed, they get hand-washed and waxed in a fairly futile effort at paint protection. My Evora has PPF on the front, and it's always hand-washed and waxed. I use Blackfire...