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  1. Chokinzoku

    100 Octane + 91: Driving Impression in RZ-34

    So I’m stuck with 91 octane in California so I decided to try a blend of 100 octane + 91 octane to see if the Z would respond better acceleration-wise. I added 5 gallons of 100 plus about 11 gallons of 91, which probably gets me somewhere in the 94/95 range. The result is the Z is noticeably...
  2. Chokinzoku

    4BA-R35 GTR vs. RZ-34: Driving Impressions

    So I drove my 23 Z back-to-back with my 24 R35 and here’s some initial impressions: the latest version of the R35 feels noticeably faster than the ‘16 version I previously had. The engine pulls much harder to redline and it sounds more angry and ferocious in either manual or auto mode. My ‘16...
  3. Chokinzoku

    Michelin PS4S tires = Big Difference on 2023 Z

    So I took the Z out yesterday, it was 96 degrees in California. Decided to see if there’s a difference between the stock Bridgestones and the recently installed Michelin PS4S tires. The car is a Proto 9 AT. Key Observations: - From a dig, in manual shifting mode, first through third gears is a...
  4. Chokinzoku

    What’s the Z Lug Torque Number???

    Hello, getting new tires for my 23 Z, and nobody seems to know what the lug torque rating is for these cars. We got 80-100 as a range. There’s nothing in the manual. Which is odd. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Chokinzoku

    AMG Speedshift AT in Z ?

    So I have a C63 M177 with the AMG Speedshift version of the Mercedes 9 speed AT and going back-to-back with the 2023 Z, the AMG version definitely shifts faster and feels more brutal. The main difference between the two transmissions is apparently the wet clutch in the AMG. Does anyone have any...