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  1. Jah_Happy

    ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intakes

    Hey guys, wanted to share this product on here as I haven't seen any other posts about it. Here's some info straight from Armaspeed to start: Craftsmanship: Made from high-strength prepreg carbon fiber, ensuring durability and lightweight design. Complemented by an Aluminum Alloy Airbox to...
  2. Jah_Happy

    Racebox's Z burned to the ground

    Sad to see, thankfully everyone is ok. They are putting out a YouTube video tonight I think. Interested to see what happened.
  3. Jah_Happy

    Jah's Everest White Build Thread

    Starting off my build thread! Super excited to start modding my Z. More parts will arrive through the summer. Edit: 2nd page, post #26 has my thoughts / details on purchase day. Edit: Page 4 has thoughts on new spoiler and shift knob
  4. Jah_Happy

    AWE Looking for Z's (Free Exhaust)

    I know it's slim pickings in here but if anyone is near Horsham PA, AWE is looking for test Z's and will give you a free exhaust. I absolutely cannot wait for their exhausts because a lot of their stuff sounds incredible. Love the touring version on my STI. Someone should take advantage of...
  5. Jah_Happy

    Z1 Unveils New Touring Exhaust For 2023 Nissan Z

    Apparently more parts coming soon as well. Link
  6. Jah_Happy

    Chris Forsberg Takes Delivery of 2023 Nissan Z!? And Already Modding.

    Any one follow Chris Forsberg on Instagram? He's posting stories about his new white Z and already modifying it with new parts. Looks like he's got coilovers and wheels already, along with "prototype" parts he says they are testing. Im getting excited lol.