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  1. jdm-rhd

    NHL playoffs 2024

    been a huge hockey fan since 93. used to play too...but im old now. thought id start this thread in case anyone else here is following the playoffs? anyway, did your favorite team make it? regardless, who are you routing for? discuss!
  2. jdm-rhd

    who hand washes their car?

    so are you having it done or doing your own vehicles? what is your routine? curious as to what products everyone is using. what do you avoid?
  3. jdm-rhd

    >>>used nissan Zs for sale<<<

    post up any pre-owned Zs you come across. maybe someone here on this forum can benefit from the info.
  4. jdm-rhd

    new supra mk6 (inline 6 and ev?)

    saw this updated vid about the mk6. so it looks like there may be an inline 6 and not just be strictly ev as previously
  5. jdm-rhd

    >>>awesome engine swaps thread<<<

    post up vids, pics, or builds of engine swaps you've done or others you have seen that are worth checking out. thought some of these gtr build were pretty rad...
  6. jdm-rhd

    wrecked my x-runner...

    heading home tonight after work i hit a deer (big doe) and destroyed my front grill & radiator. it was rainy and light fog. i saw a deer up ahead and was about to slow down when another stepped in front o me. here are the pics...
  7. jdm-rhd

    SEMA 2023 thread

    post up vids or pics of any cars. most will hate the Z's in this vid. i don't follow this dude, but there are a few decent ones.
  8. jdm-rhd

    honda prelude thread (new model in the works?)

    just saw this. fan of the older ones...had a friend with a 5th gen. looks like they may be resurrecting the nameplate...
  9. jdm-rhd

    *** street racing ***

  10. jdm-rhd

    new Z - what are the positives?

    with all the delays, price hikes and disappointments in some reviews...i want us to concentrate on all the positives the new Z brings to the table. for me, what's kept me interested is it's drop dead, japanese classic styling...can i get a witness? i enjoyed my pretty sure this will...
  11. jdm-rhd

    Your favorite tv, movie or infamous cars?

    post up pics, vids and stories of the cars and trucks you love from the movies and tv shows or those infamous vehicles that made your heart race... believe it or not, i bought both of my fd's and owned them for years before i knew of initial d. me and my brother love the show and it helped...
  12. jdm-rhd

    $$$ the economy thread $$$

    i think we need a thread discussing the economy. there are so many variables and they affect us all whether its here in the usa or globally. being the op, i want to allow and feel it's ok to discuss politics, but please be respectful and no name calling or personal attacks. thank you ive...
  13. jdm-rhd

    what type of z driver/owner are you gonna be?

    throwing in a poll to gage the way the z is driven. also you can pick multiple categories depending on your plans for the car. vote even if you may not get the z anymore or maybe later on. your choices are... 1. garage queen 2. weekend warrior 3. daily driver 4. track rat 5. straight...
  14. jdm-rhd

    Pet peeves (aka thread 1000)

    drivers who don't know the meaning of the word... "merge" list yours
  15. jdm-rhd

    Health & fitness thread

    so what's every doing to stay in shape or get healthier? post up what kind of workouts, diets, programs, etc that you guys are into. as for me, i need to get active again. i quit playing hockey years ago and haven't skated in a while. ive in the process of moving and building a house over...
  16. jdm-rhd

    most disappointing vehicle launch ever?

    so these past few years have really been crazy because of various car launches gone/going wrong. ive narrowed it down to the top 5 ive seen mentioned over and over again. which car disappointed you the most and why? who will be top on the list? adding a poll to see which car gets that...
  17. jdm-rhd

    whats it gonna cost to build the Z you want?

    so im gonna price both the sport and performance models to see what the differences will be with the options i want. i joined this forum back when all the hearsay was 35k base, 40k mid and 45k top trim. now we are at 41k + for base and close to 52k for performance. still can't believe they...
  18. jdm-rhd

    Jolopnik ranks the new Z's colors

    didn't see this posted...or maybe no one cares, but they rank the colors... thoughts?
  19. jdm-rhd

    Random pics, vids & meme thread [NO POLITICS, WEAPONS or NSFW]

    post up anything interesting, strange, funny, etc some of the older car ads are hilarious...i enjoy them.
  20. jdm-rhd

    So... who's still "all in"

    curious now that we know pricing