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  1. Ckynus

    Project 'BOSE BE GONE!' audio upgrade completed

    I love how detailed this is, great job!
  2. Ckynus

    Its my Z's birthday, what should I get her?

    A year ago I bought my Z. A 2023 manual transmission black sport trim. I spent the year prior stalking dealerships and discussing it with all of you. Low inventory and high markups made it difficult but my patience payed off and I was finally able to get my car. Its been a year and I want to...
  3. Ckynus

    My 2024 Nismo

    I look at reviews in a similar way. When they list pros and cons with the only con being small deatils that tells me they reall have to look to find a fault. I agree with them however that the non-manual Nismo is a bummer, I hope they fix this in time.
  4. Ckynus

    2025 Nissan Z (rampant speculation)

    I predict they will give us a manual nismo option. I understand they released the auto for numbers but they will release a manual for consumer demand.
  5. Ckynus

    Factory audio system questions.

    Congratulations on the new Z! The audio isn't great but that's not what I bought the car for. If you make upgrades to the sound system please come back and update us.
  6. Ckynus

    How to display the gears on the digital display?

    For unknown reasons it's not available on the sport trim
  7. Ckynus

    Has anyone had this issue ? (fuel door)

    My only issue is that the thing is huge!
  8. Ckynus

    HELP ME!!!

    I have this one. It is a phenomenal upgrade from the stock exhaust.
  9. Ckynus

    What if...? | Used Z, What Would You Pay?

    That supprises me but I wonder if the season impacts sales. As we dip into winter it may discourage people from rear wheel drive.
  10. Ckynus

    Locking Car after Closing Trunk

    I have found that I need to open the trunk with two hands. One to push the button and a second to lift up. If I use one hand it latches again before I lift up. But whatever, it's not like I bought the car to use the trunk.
  11. Ckynus

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    Lights with cigarette adapter Fuse box connection
  12. Ckynus

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    sorry forgot to make it public, it should work now
  13. Ckynus

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    Try this
  14. Ckynus

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    You just need to pick a fuse that opperates on/off as you like. For me I chose the radio one because it turns off when I want, but you could put them into the dome light fuse instead to have them linger a few seconds after you shut and when doors open
  15. Ckynus

    Sport trim gauge cluster question

    It isnt there on the sport trim..
  16. Ckynus

    Spotted Z, parked next to a twin at the grocery story

    If this ever happens to me I am going to wait in the lot like a creeper so I can meet the driver.
  17. Ckynus

    Random shipping mode activation

    Yep thats it. Must have giggled loose because Brooklyn is not fit for cars
  18. Ckynus

    Possibly selling black 2023 Z to purchase a Nismo

    Man I would jump on this trend with you guys but I cannot get past the automatic. When are they giving us the manual Nismo?