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  1. jdm-rhd

    R35 GTR Officially ends Production after 17 years

    Didn't read article yet. Wonder when will prices will start to increase?
  2. jdm-rhd

    2024 Sport MTs in NJ are below MSRP (4/5/2024)

    when i looked at 2 at grabury nissan in tx, both were used and several thousand over msrp. they sold both. curious if they would price match another dealer that far away for a new z, if they even have one. i'll check tomorrow...
  3. jdm-rhd

    New Member Introductions

    congrats and welcome. what are your plans for the z?
  4. jdm-rhd

    I too am parting with my Z

    it depends on your budget, but as @rocksandblues said a porsche. the gt3 seems to win most reviewer 'sports car of the year.' gr86 and gr corolla are more budget friendly, but are gonna lack the 400hp your used to. the wrx sti is probably in the middle...
  5. jdm-rhd

    who hand washes their car?

    that uv light detection is a cool idea...
  6. jdm-rhd

    who hand washes their car?

    gonna check out their line of products and watch some videos.
  7. jdm-rhd

    I too am parting with my Z

    op...what vehicle do you plan on replacing the Z with?
  8. jdm-rhd

    Current gas prices in your area? / Oil News

    anyone notice if gas prices went up or down over the memorial day weekend? dfw area prices...
  9. jdm-rhd

    Custom embossed CF highlights

    that looks sweet. i like how it's embossed with fairlady...
  10. jdm-rhd

    Custom embossed CF highlights

    can you post pics? im not on ig thx
  11. jdm-rhd

    Rear Window Louvers

    looks great on the z
  12. jdm-rhd

    Thanks for the Add!

    congrats... those wheels look great on that color
  13. jdm-rhd

    The Pet Thread

    new member of the family...petey