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    Guide to Dealer Slang
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    Z32 overheating

    On a drive today, I noticed my a/c started intermittently cutting out. After arriving home, I did some research and found that happens when the engine starts to overheat the ECU goes into a mode to mitigate overheating. After the car cooled down, I drove it to a nearby service store. The needle...
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    A Nice Morning Drive story

    This story was originally published in Road & Track magazine in 1973. It provided the inspiration for Neil Peart of RUSH when he penned "Red Barchetta".
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    Retail NISMO revealed! 🤣

    And, it's Proto Yellow! Sorry for the clickbait!
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    YouTuber selling "jumped" C8 Vette
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    For those who've served in the Armed Forces...

    Only about 3% of eligible adults in the U.S. have served. If you have, thank you.
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    Z vs Mustang Mach One
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    The state of the car market - Oct '22
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    Borla's new Z exhaust
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    Car centric songs

    Post your favorite songs specifically about cars and driving them... Red Barchetta - RUSH TVC15 - David Bowie
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    Been to any good concerts lately?

    List your past and upcoming music concerts! Surprise booking at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL: YES will be in October. Past great ones have been: RUSH A/C D/C STYX and REO Luther Vandross (about 6 mo before he died). I actually cried during it as it was so beautiful, so my Man card was...
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    New MOTORTREND show this Wednesday
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    Californians: free car down payment

    Why California wants to give residents $1,000 not to have a car While Americans love their cars, California has adopted a radical strategy aimed at changing their minds, passing a first-of-its-kind bill Wednesday to reward low-income residents who live car-free. Amid a bonanza of measures...
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    '95 Z32 vs '01 Boxster S - should I switch?

    Okay, so I know this is a Nissan forum, but I'm hoping there might be someone who has faced a similar decision as I am now... I currently drive a well sorted out '95 Z32. I'm the 2nd owner, 114k miles, excellent original paint, extensive preventative maintenance done so it looks and drives as a...
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    Coming: recharge your car in 10 min

    Soon electric vehicles could charge faster than your iPhone
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    Dodge Muscle cars going electric
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    Man, it's tough out there...
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    Senate passes Chip Manufacturing Bill

    The Senate passed a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would provide $52 billion in subsidies to domestic semiconductor manufacturers and invest billions in science and technology innovation, in a bid to strengthen the United States’ competitiveness and self-reliance in what is seen as a keystone...