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    Fast Intentions 2023+ Nissan Z TDX 2.5" Cat Back Exhaust System

    Fast intentions uses a dual 2.5 for their q60 exhaust iirc, which I believe is the highest regarded catback for quality and gains on that platform, which is probably why they're using it for the Z.
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    Seibon has Carbon Fiber Body Panels for 2023 Nissan Z

    Probably not a ton. I know the GR Corolla Circuit with the carbon fiber roof only saves a few ounces over the aluminum one...
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    Progressive Racing Equipment CUSCO releases LSD for RZ34 Fairlady Z

    About $1000. I wonder if someone can make a "performance" spec from a sport trim and come out cheaper or the same price but with better parts
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    Who's going to modify the Katana?

    You'd probably be much better off getting a piece of aluminum or stainless steel etched with acid or a laser, rather than actually pattern welded steel. Many "damascus" knives and swords use this method to get the wavy pattern look and it would probably save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of...
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    Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    I don't think Toyota is going to turn up production that much for the GR Corollas. As much as it is a truly amazing car for an enthusiast; That's all it is. We are a niche market as it is nowadays. I can't really see any of the "normies" who go out and buy wrx's because they have a hood scoop...
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    Been to any good concerts lately?

    Coheed rips! I love that stage setup for this past tour
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    Been to any good concerts lately?

    I just saw Rammstein in Chicago. Truly a mind-blowing audio-visual performance. I don't know what kind of permits you need for that kind of pyrotechnics, but I feel like it's a lot
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    Canadian Reviews: Throttle House & The Straight Pipes

    If I remember correctly though the GR86 times were with savagegeese driving, and they had a pro do the times for the Z. All of the times on TH are by Thomas
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    Throttle house - Nissan Z vs Mustang GT vs Challenger Scat Pack - Drag & roll race

    Jason Camissa on his podcast talked poorly about the handling after the Hagerty drag race video came out.
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    What if....would you consider?

    I wouldn't strictly because my local track and the only other two tracks even within a reasonable distance from me don't allow EV's, because they can't put them out if they catch on fire. So now I have to have a daily and a track car, which the money I'd save on gas wouldn't equate the cost of a...
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    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Is that the most similar spec though? It's kind of hard to spec them close together because the base Z (sport) is very below a 3.0 supra in price and specs, but I'd argue the supra 3.0 base is more similar to the Z performance. Alcantara and leather mixed interior, mid tier soundsystem, LSD, 19...
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    So... who's still "all in"

    They also go pretty hard on small curvy/technical tracks. Miatas and the twins with good drivers will dust most cars at my local track
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    Intro to Mods for VR30 Engine

    Although these are all good brands, the general consensus on the Q forums is that fast intentions has the the best real gains and highest quality for the price. The only issue is their wait times due to demand
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    The Z interior on par with Supra?

    Hate to pee in your cereal, but the Supra is getting a manual
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    Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    You aren't. A manual Supra is now my top choice for a new car instead of the Z. It all bakes down to reviews and how dealer allocations go, cause I've given my info to 3 Nissan dealers, and none of them had a "Deposit/allocation list". So if I cant order I'm SOL. Theres a Yota dealer a mile...
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    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Welp, my worst fear is now being realized, in that I'll have to choose what to buy between two cars that I love. And unless the Z really stomps the Supra in price, and I think I'll have to go with the Supra just because I can most likely order the one that I want one from my dealer
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    2023 Z's at Nissan Grandrive Proving Ground Z Car Fiesta Event [Pics & Videos]

    The video of it going against the Supra was from GT7, but I agree, watching them lazily toss it around for donuts or do shitty launches really doesn't show any "performance" aspects of the car. I just want a flat-out clip of it at a track to see how it deals with being at the limit
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    AAM Competition

    Those numbers are within reason for a tune on the VR30, but 480hp is a bit high though for no other mods (usually it's around 415 to the wheels), but I guess anyone can crank the boost and see what happens. Every tuning company is going to have to make some changes to their infiniti tunes...
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    Honda Civic Type-R Discussion - 5th & 6th gen (2017+)

    Can it even improve all that much more though for it's price and FWD? The new time is within a second of a a 997 GT3 RS. That's insanity to me
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    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Oh I didnt know they had it at 3402, that is a bit lower than what it's probably going to be. If that Canadian ordering sheet is anything to go off of, it had the performance auto at 3602 lbs and the manual at 3536 lbs