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  1. TaroBaapG35

    MC's 2023 Z

    Congrats on the Z Nismo! The Black is going to look amazing!!
  2. TaroBaapG35

    The Electric thread - BEV, PHEV, etc.

    I'm with you! I've been racking my head over the past couple weeks If I wanna go back to ICE...and I do, cuz the Tesla just doesn't scratch that itch for modding, personalization, and driving engagement...but then I look at my 3x-week commute to work and the fact, like you say, I can just jump...
  3. TaroBaapG35

    What cars do you currently own?

    Oh that 40th Anniversary! If it came with Nav standard back then I'd 100% have gone that route vs my Sport/Tech.
  4. TaroBaapG35

    What cars do you currently own?

    S58 was really good. I'm used to single turbo, so under 3k it didn't feel good, but after that it was incredible. Highway fuel econ isn't too bad, but daily I was getting 18iish being conservative. That's not bad, but for a car with 500hp and not being able to use it and suffer abysmal fuel...
  5. TaroBaapG35

    What cars do you currently own?

    Haha. Nah. Gave my parents the Model 3. My wife wasn't a fan of it (excessive wind and tire noise plus too small for our needs). Looking at Genesis GV70 or possibly Highland Y until I find a good CPO Z.
  6. TaroBaapG35

    What cars do you currently own?

    Traded in the X3M for a Model S Plaid. Started a new job so wanted something fuel efficient but as quick/fun as the X3. Love the car so far. Put 1900miles on it in 2 weeks and spent $75 in charging!
  7. TaroBaapG35

    A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    I test drove a demo ITS recently in CLT. and initial impressions, the car is impressive. Low, Mean and Wide. 100% agree that it does look like the "adult" version of the CTR. After 2 20+ min test drives on the car and same for the Z, I can say with confidence that the ITS has its pros for...
  8. TaroBaapG35

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    Is AT only official? If so, that's a deal breaker. I swore my next Z would be Nismo 6mt after missing out on Last 2 iterations. Well, I guess it'll be between the ITS or pig nose M3...
  9. TaroBaapG35

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    I'll get it. Needs a few cosmetic tweaks, but I dig it. As long as it's under $62k and 6MT I'm in. It's either this or the ITS that I'm on the waitlist for.
  10. TaroBaapG35

    Nismo Z prototype spied testing in the U.S.

    I'll put a deposit in now and by the time my future kid is 3yrs old I'll receive my 2024 Nismo Z. WTF. Imagine the price gouging and dealership markups. For anyone in the market, note that average car prices (on luxury brands, and sports cars) have increased around 10% since March.
  11. TaroBaapG35

    Z clutch vs 370Z clutch

    In my short 15 min test drive I had, the Z clutch is MUCH easier to manage then pre 2015 Nismo 370z clutches were. The 370z would get tiresome in traffic due to the heavy and very high engagement point, but you could get around that by blipping the throttle. I think the Z's clutch wouldn't be so...
  12. TaroBaapG35

    Jah's Everest White Build Thread

    Yellow looks really good. I loved the black I saw in TN (still available BTW for $56k, 4k miles I believe). I missed Soho's unveil of their White Z a little while ago. Back on Topic, car looks incredible! Congrats again!
  13. TaroBaapG35

    AWE Looking for Z's (Free Exhaust)

    AWE is super high quality. Had their Track Edition ( +Resonated Downpipes) on my 2018 S4. Only issue I had (i believe its resolved now) was the Tip discoloration on the black PCd tips (majority of vendors have this issue with non silver tips). I bet it'll sound incredible. Someone is very lucky...
  14. TaroBaapG35

    Jah's Everest White Build Thread

    You sumbeech...Congrats!!! Great Spec! Hopefully there was little-no markup you had to pay Looks incredible!
  15. TaroBaapG35

    A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    For the ITS, was told by my local Acura dealer that a $2k deposit is required to get a chance of getting 1 of the 9 spots they have available for the car. 9 Spots is based on lottery system of total deposits, and 2 color options (they have no idea what colors they'll get) but they'll go down the...
  16. TaroBaapG35

    Nissan Car Corral at Virginia International Raceway June 17th

    ..Can previous Nissan future Z owners attend? o_O
  17. TaroBaapG35

    AWE Looking for Z's (Free Exhaust)

    Finally! I was hoping AWE would jump into more on the JDM Side. If I had a Z, I'd drive up to PA LOL
  18. TaroBaapG35

    SynchroRev Match: off or on?

    SRM on for 90% of the time as the 370z was my daily. if I had the new Z now, I'd probably go 50/50 to get back in the habit of heel-toe and rev matching manually.
  19. TaroBaapG35

    2022 BMW 2-Series Coupe (G42) & 2023 BMW M2 (G87)

    The problem is with the dealer gouging prices. A buddy who's on the waitlist for this has been quoted a $20k markup and he's #10 not even in the top 5. If you snag at MSRP it's worth it since it'll retain value better
  20. TaroBaapG35

    Swift Springs now available for Z

    Hopefully jumps on these. The Swifts on the Z34 platform had the perfect balance of street and track performance. The best bang for your buck mod coupled with Eibach Sway bars