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  1. shingo

    Tomei exhaust

    According to the post I saw you can tell if it’s a US made product if it has a “T” at the start of the part number. I don’t know how reputable the people who made the post are, but this is where I read it. I know Reddit has a ton of trolls and uninformed people so I took it with a grain of...
  2. shingo

    Tomei exhaust

    did you by any chance get the exhaust in hand yet? Do the welds and everything look okay? I was looking it up and a lot of people seemed to complain that the “US made Tomei” quality was much worse than the “Japan made Tomei” (like the titanium was super thin and the welds didn’t look the best)...
  3. shingo

    Screen protectors

    I ordered the screen protector off of XPEL because they were offering free shipping :)
  4. shingo

    Screen protectors

    Oh sweet! Thank you for the reply, just ordered one 🙏
  5. shingo

    Screen protectors

    Anyone know of any companies that make screen protectors for the infotainment screen? I searched on Amazon, Google, even EBay and Etsy, but I can’t find anything.
  6. shingo

    Matched the katana blade to my wheels….well….the best I could

    I know this thread is about painted katana blades, but I’ve seen zociety makes carbon fiber katanas. They look kinda cool, but no idea how the quality and fitment is. sorry in advance if someone’s posted those here already
  7. shingo

    Blitz Aero Speed R Concept Aero Parts

    It looks like you may have to buy the front lip and the front arch together or there may be a gap where the lip goes to the wheel-well. I hope that’s not the case, but it’s what it looks like from the photos. edit: never mind you won’t have to buy both cause it looks like the front lip wraps...
  8. shingo

    Greddy/Trust working on Turbo Kit

    love That lip kit, I wish the US GReddy/TRUST site had it for sale already haha
  9. shingo

    using the right wheels

    Z1’s “Track Big Brake Kit” with 15” rotors and 6 piston front calipers, 4 piston rear calipers says you need 18” or larger wheels to install (but it also says it will only fit certain 18” wheels) , so I’m guessing if you’re sticking with a BBK close to that you probably shouldn’t have any...
  10. shingo

    Which CAI cold intake to install?

    gruppe M makes a very badass looking ram air style intake in carbon fiber. You’re gonna end up paying like $2000+ USD for it though.
  11. shingo

    New Member Introductions

    I totally missed this thread when I first signed up (oops) my name is Shingo and my Christmas present to myself last year was a Black Diamond Pearl 2024 Performance (which I traded in my Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS for) I really miss my Focus, but I love the Z a lot. (It’s a manual transmission...
  12. shingo

    NISMO Japan Announces new Titanium parts for RZ34

    That’s a very nice exhaust, not near-5k nice though. The strut bar is cool too, but for the price you could buy 2 of the aluminum ones haha
  13. shingo

    What was your first car?

    A 1990 240sx coupe. Sadly no photos of it (although I really do wish I had some still) I was the third owner back in 2004 (a close friend of mine was the second owner and he drove it like once a month so I like to call myself the real second owner and say he was just holding it for me lol)
  14. shingo

    Speed Forme Front Grille Bar

    Speed Forme uploaded a sound clip of their exhaust. It looks nice, but seems very quiet.
  15. shingo

    More NISMO Parts Available for Purchase

    Oh what?! That’s awesome! I had Titan 7 wheels on my Focus RS and loved them! Thank you for the reply.
  16. shingo

    More NISMO Parts Available for Purchase

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know who makes the NISMO LM-RS1 wheel? Is it made by Nissan or Enkei? I know that Rays isn’t making them, but I couldn’t find any info on what company actually makes them.
  17. shingo

    Speed Forme Front Grille Bar

    I love how clean that front lip is too
  18. shingo

    Tomei exhaust

    Hey all, I tried to find a thread or post here about it, but I had no luck. I’ve also scoured the internet a bit and no luck either. Just curious if anyone has heard the Tomei Type-D dual exhaust system on the new Z yet? I know there’s someone on YouTube who did the single exit, but was just...