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  1. AlanZ

    NEWBIE: First mod for '24 RZ34: Struts/coils or sway bars?

    Where on LI ? I’m in Nassau
  2. AlanZ

    I too am parting with my Z

    I smile every time I drive my 23 performance Z. It’s not my daily at all though , more of a weekend Z.
  3. AlanZ

    Will this car be forever known as "400Z"?

    Totally agree .
  4. AlanZ

    New Member Introductions

    Color is really eye catching ! Congratulations! What’s the first thing your going to do to her
  5. AlanZ

    Thanks for the Add!

    Congrats! Any future plans to mod her?
  6. AlanZ

    Yellow light on dash what's wrong.

    That was a total guess on my part . I drove my Z today and switched to the same display you had to see if the sun came out but it didn’t so I was second guessing myself . It’s a partly cloudy day here on Long Island though.
  7. AlanZ

    Yellow light on dash what's wrong.

    Isn’t that the sun?☀️
  8. AlanZ

    NHL playoffs 2024

    Who do ya got! Panthers or rangers?
  9. AlanZ

    Invoice Priced 2024 Z Performance

    What exactly are you nervous about?
  10. AlanZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    How did it go? How long did it take? Any noticeable differences?
  11. AlanZ

    Z32 Nissan 300ZX

    You’re better off getting answers for your Z32 on here.
  12. AlanZ

    Rare 270R Gets Vandalized by Fire Chief

    What a savage move by that volley. Hope he sues the fire department for as much as possible.
  13. AlanZ

    Invoice Priced 2024 Z Performance

    Go for it! Someone on the forum recently mentioned a bad experience he had where he paid well over sticker.
  14. AlanZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    According to my app, I do not have any recalls right now .
  15. AlanZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    If you can, post pics where the bumper lines up with the fenders etc. I’m curious if it looks as it should be .
  16. AlanZ

    NHL playoffs 2024

    Rangers with the sweep. I figured islanders would have put up more of a fight against the hurricanes with them entering the playoffs “hot”
  17. AlanZ

    Recall Notice Front bumper

    Is this for all 2023 Z’s? Please keep us posted when you do. I’m hesitant to let Nissan techs touch my Z…
  18. AlanZ

    New Member Introductions

    I also had a z32 TT. I agree that the RZ34 is the closest feel to that. Congrats on your new baby. Any mods planned?
  19. AlanZ

    Snagged a Seiran Blue / Graphite Performance 6MT

    Great write up. I love that you enjoy driving her everyday.