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  1. Bucko

    Z1 Undershroud

    Has anyone installed the Z1 undershroud on their Z? I'm wondering if there is any less ground clearance with the Z1 undrshroud installed compared to the factory undershroud? Also, is the service panel large enough to make for a non-messy oil/filter change? Thanks for any info.
  2. Bucko


    I've recently noticed some pictures of the gauge displays on the instrument panel that show an oil pressure gauge. Is it a correct assumption that the 6MT cars display engine oil pressure while 9AT cars display engine oil temperature? Any way to show engine oil pressure on a 9AT car? Like most...
  3. Bucko

    Spare tire for Z

    Can someone tell me if a "donut" spare from a 370Z Nismo will fit a 2023 Z Performance? Or a "regular" 370Z spare for that matter? I'm guessing the bolt pattern is the same but wondering about it clearing the calipers. Thanks.
  4. Bucko

    Splash Guards and Spare Tire

    I just pulled the trigger today on a black Performance 9-speed auto. It’s in transit at the moment. Dealer expecting it this month. A couple of questions. I assume the emergency tire repair kit that they are including instead of a spare is in the same place the spare used to be on the 370Z...