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  1. Does anyone actually want an automatic?

    So a car at full throttle is going slow?? Talk about insanely silly comments. If you can't drive sensibly, get off the f'n public roads. I'm done with this forum and it's too many argumentative morons. :(
  2. Is Nissan Testing a Z Proto Bumper or New Front Fascia?

    Probably just fabric strengthening to stop the sheet from being too flappy at the vent edges. It doesn't really look like there's anything different on the nose at all, so most likely just some other reason for it to be covered.
  3. Savagegeese Nissan Z Full Technical and Driving Review

    ^ Gee, I wonder which will be fastest? Toss in the Miata/MX5 and you've got the four "low cost" main classes of road sports cars (only missing the expensive "supercars"). They're different powers, different prices, etc., so trying to compare them is rather silly.
  4. Senate passes Chip Manufacturing Bill

    ^ The point was that, apart from Intel, there are no "domestic semiconductor manufactures" in the US big enough, or able to expand quickly enough, to make any difference. They're offering money to companies that don't exist. It's the second part of that sentence that would be more important...
  5. Has Z production already started?

    I never said it was a "big deal" ... I simply said that the guy taking the photos might not have the job much longer if they continue to do that. Personally I couldn't care less since it's definitely not my car and I don't know the fool.
  6. Hands Up all the Aussies

    I'm not sure Nissan can arrest people for ordering the Performance model. ;)
  7. Toyota GR SPORTS EV Concept could be an electric MR2 successor

    I still don't see Toyota having that many sports cars: Supra, Celica, 86, and MR2, plus the tweaked sedans. It's too many models with minor differences and little wiggle-room for price differentiation, which just leads to consumer confusion. If they did bring back the Celica and MR2, then it's...
  8. Has Z production already started?

    It's definitely not the photo-taker's car, but it is someone's car, even if only Nissan's property at this point.
  9. Has Z production already started?

    ^ Yes, but in these days of "Political Correctness", doing things like that is likely to get you fired. You're taking and posting photos inside someone else's car without their permission.
  10. Does anyone actually want an automatic?

    Which is exactly what I said - if you want to drive fast, take it to the track where it belongs.
  11. Senate passes Chip Manufacturing Bill

    Except there are next to no chip manufacturing factories in the US yet. A couple of Asian-owned chip makers are in the process of opening up US-based factories, but apart from employing US people and paying US taxes, it kind of side-steps the whole "US made" scenario since all the profits will...
  12. Hands Up all the Aussies

    But they didn't say which year. ;)
  13. Body-Colored Roof, who wants one?

    ^ Today while walking the dog I saw an older Nissan Leaf which was bluey-silver bodied with neon orange roof and pillars ... it looked even more disgusting than the Leaf usually does! :) You could always go for this type of roof option to help appease the greenies for you buying a new petrol...
  14. First wave of Zs have landed in the U.S.

    Nope. My Nissan 200sx, nearly 25 years ago.
  15. 2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    ^ When I got my car it had already done about 75000miles, so it's taken me 20-odd years to do as much mileage as it did in its first 4 years! :)
  16. First wave of Zs have landed in the U.S.

    ^ When I bought my car, the dealer tried to force me to pay a deposit while waiting for the mechanical check so that they could "hold" the car for me to stop anyone else buying it. He even offered to drive me to the nearest ATM. Unluckily for him I've never had a ATM card, not that I was going...
  17. Has Z production already started?

    ^ They do have to check cars for various things, that's they're job (assuming it's not a worker who simply moves the cars around) ... they do not have to take photos to post all over the internet though.
  18. Hands Up all the Aussies

    At least your wife managed to find one. I haven't got the time / be bothered digging through the huge piles in the shelf-end tubs and shelf-pegs to find individuals ones I might want. Mattel, Hasbro, and others are extremely bad at simply re-selling the same toy in different packaging and/or...
  19. Hands Up all the Aussies

    ^ It's obviously a Chinese knock-off ... everyone knows the "Proto" only comes in yellow. :)
  20. Random pics, vids & meme thread [NO POLITICS, WEAPONS or NSFW]

    There are scumbag lawyers that advertise in the local newspaper here that they will get you off drunk driving charges. Plus of course all the normal scumbag lawyers who attempt to get known guilty people off on a minor technically (oh dear, did the naughty policeman not read you a bed time story...