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  1. Angelo

    New Member Introductions

    Welcome! I'm with you, really hoping the next Z is unveiled this year. Though, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. Angelo

    What changes to the current Z would you like to see in the new model?

    You're absolutely right about the GTR; it's significantly more expensive than a regular GTR, and in my opinion, does not warrant a $150K+ price tag. If the current Nismo costs $10K instead of $60K above the regular GTR, would that be acceptable given its slight improvements? I suppose it all...
  3. Angelo

    What changes to the current Z would you like to see in the new model?

    I actually don't mind the Z's interior materials (not to be confused with "I adore my $40K car's shitty interior"). It's not an Mercedes, so it doesn't require a premium feel. However, unlike the Z34, a $40K+ car should come standard, free of cheap plastics. While we're at it, a modern yet...
  4. Angelo

    Nissan Z35 vs 2015 Mustang

    Aside from weight, doesn't the 5.0 Mustang beat the Z in almost every performance category? Interior and exterior are subjective, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Mustang faster on a straight and around corners? I may have gotten it confused with another car though.
  5. Angelo

    Nissan Z35 and the Kia GT4 Stinger

    Datsun/Nissan, as well as every other Japanese automaker in the 60's and 70's, weren't taken seriously--much like Kia, Hyundai, etc., are now. The Korean brands are showing promise, but it will take them decades, if not lifetimes to get my business. Don't get me wrong, when I lived in South...
  6. Angelo

    Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    This one as well... though the lines closely resemble a Lexus.
  7. Angelo

    Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    I would drive this.
  8. Angelo

    Z35 Differential

    I take my Z, to the Nurburgring occasionally; and while the OEM differential is adequate, I noticed the inside wheels just spin at certain corners. I'm glad you mentioned OS Giken, as I've always wanted to purchase an aftermarket differential. Did you upgrade to an OS Giken clutch as well?
  9. Angelo

    New Member Introductions

  10. Angelo

    Z35 Pricing? Will the next Z Move upmarket?

    Nissan will capitalize on the 50th Anniversary Edition Z35 as much possible, no doubt. However, in order for that model to be profitable, the regular Z35 must first be well-received. I really think we'll see the next Z before the 50AE comes out.
  11. Angelo

    Does the Z really need to be lighter?

    The Z35 doesn't need to weigh significantly less than the 370Z; it just needs more power (over 400 would be nice) with superior brake and suspension components to be considered a step in the right direction.
  12. Angelo


    As long as the next Z has a true clutch(es), as in no torque converter, I wouldn't mind an automatic shift mode (a la GTR). Sure, I'll miss going through the gears with the traditional clutch pedal and shifter, but paddle shifters are fine for me.
  13. Angelo

    Z35 Pricing? Will the next Z Move upmarket?

    Yes I was. A 370Z Nismo Tech already starts out at $45,490. I think it's reasonable to assume that a newer, faster, fully-optioned, and hopefully lighter, Z car will cost a little more. If the Z35 offers M2 pricing and dimensions with M4 power, then we certainly have a winner on hour hands.
  14. Angelo

    Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    I agree. Nissan didn't f*&k around when the Z33 concept was unveiled. It also looked quite similar to the production model we received.
  15. Angelo

    Z35 Pricing? Will the next Z Move upmarket?

    I built a Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD online with some basic options, and it came out just under $60K. I expect the top of the line Z to be between $5 to 10K less than that. A 400 hp Z priced at $50K is still cheaper than, say an M4, but I really hope it stays in the $40K range.
  16. Angelo

    Next Nissan Z Could Be Simply Called "Z"

    I would actually prefer the next Z to be called simply "Z." Sweet S2K you got there ...
  17. Angelo

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Toyota must've forgotten how to design simple, yet beautiful cars. I know a lot of people who love the modern Lexus designs, but I think those things look too striking, almost offensive, even. In any case, along with the rebirth of the S2K, we have very promising times ahead of us.
  18. Angelo

    Next Nissan Z Could Be Simply Called "Z"

    Yeah, I read somewhere a while back that the next Z car will simply be called Z. Of course, I could've totally imagined the whole thing.
  19. Angelo

    New Member Introductions

    Another one here from the 370Z forum :)