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  1. 4CRUZN

    Are you removing your badges?

    I'm surprised no one suggested this, but I will be removing Z logo from the rear and replace the UGLY front Nissan logo with the rear Z badge. let me know your thoughts please. Example will be the Nissan Silvia "S" badge on the front of hood
  2. 4CRUZN

    New Member Introductions

    Hi everyone, I live in both Long Beach, California and in Las Vegas, NV. I have a passion for cars especially the JDM community. My current daily driver: 2002 Lexus IS300 fully modified, HippoSleek body kit from Japan, iForged Aero 19" rims on Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, SRT intake with Race-ECU...
  3. 4CRUZN

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    price is the leading factor if I should purchase this car. if the car hits close to $50-60k I'm buying a more exotic "premium" car. I wish they can stay within their ballpark of $36-38k for base models. the C8 is a monster of a car for that price tag pulling 11 secs in a 1/4 mile and everywhere...
  4. 4CRUZN

    New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    owning cars with loud exhausts for long drives can get a tad annoying. seeing how this is very quiet I'm really digging it. I do not mind the sound as much as I do want this car to perform at fast speeds. performance > sound for me. as you all have mentioned nothing an aftermarket exhaust can't...
  5. 4CRUZN

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    Manual for me
  6. 4CRUZN

    Will Dealers Markup The Z?

    judging by the hype of the new 2023 Nissan Z, dealerships will overcharge $5-10k. Spoke to my inside guys at Nissan they confirmed a $10k mark-up from MSRP on release date.
  7. 4CRUZN

    What to do between now and April?

    all I can do is save up for now and during this time I will be brainstorming my Nissan Z setup and mod list: air suspension, rims, tires, racing seats, radar detector, upgrading boost, intake, exhaust, Japanese body kits (6 months shipping), carbon fiber vented hood, vented fenders, and...
  8. 4CRUZN

    Nissan Z roadster coming? What about a T-Top, Targa Top, or Shooting Brake?

    wow this says PERFECTION! I love this version even though we know Nissan won't make one. But I hope that the NEW Z will be Nissan's classic model to be remembered for 20-30 years from now.
  9. 4CRUZN

    Video: Brilliant Silver and Gun Metallic 2023 Zs spotted without camo in Colorado!

    thanks for sharing! that gunmetal Z looks clean AF
  10. 4CRUZN

    Black Diamond 2023 Nissan Z previewed

    OMG why did you post this now I'm undecided on what color I want for my Z. This black diamond is a whole new level of gorgeous! Imagine driving along the coast on a gloomy day, watching the reflections of your surroundings reflect off this car's paint job. Definitely Black Diamond with Red...
  11. 4CRUZN

    Nissan Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings

    I really want someone to pull off NEON Green or NEON Pink!! =)
  12. 4CRUZN

    Nissan Z INTERIOR Photos Thread

    I'll have to go with blue interior (RARE) for my first choice, but I will take red interior which ever is available at the dealership. Blue interior pops, not many cars have blue interior, every car has red leather interior now like the Camry. Honestly, can't go wrong with black leather...
  13. 4CRUZN

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    If I can’t get the z, my other options are used GTR or Toyota Supra. I like the refreshing new look of the z so I can wait until I get my hands on one.
  14. 4CRUZN

    Which is gonna be faster - Manual or Auto?

    I'm voting auto will be the faster car due to all the new tech added to these new cars nowadays. Shifting has never been so fast! A perfect example is everyone's dream car the Nissan GT-R in AUTO pulling 11secs in a 1/4 mile stock.