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  1. The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    You know the infotainment sucks when even the 370 boys are saying it’s old school 😂
  2. BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    Nissan put the fake vents nice and big, straight up front for all to see on their flagship car. never seen anyone mention it on here.. I’m guessing either the majority of you don’t realize how popular fake vents are (audi r8, dodge demon, nsx, Shelby gt 500, etc etc) OR people just throw that...
  3. New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    Eh stock exhaust usually sucks on cars. This is no different. This is a tuner car, buy it new, slap an exhaust on it and kiss your warranty goodbye
  4. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - Visual Comparison

    That’s how expensive cars sell. No one buys a Ferrari 458 for 250,000 when a 80,000 c7 zo6 is faster. It’s not about the speed for them, it’s about the rarity. The MKV is hard because the Toyota boys hate them, and the bmw guys don’t really care about the z4. Cars with identity problems always...
  5. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - Visual Comparison

    As an owner of a c8 and a MKV Supra, I’d take either over this new Z. My personal preference in cars is what turns heads, tbh more important than performance (not that the z is predicted to be faster than either stock). i had a Shelby gt350 before and people just didn’t care. It’s too refined...
  6. Which is gonna be faster - Manual or Auto?

    I thought you old guys have thick skin 😂 Don’t get so mad that people poke fun at manuals. Name calling and swearing over an opinion is very immature. Act like an adult, respond with a decent counter, and then move on. Go back to Twitter if you wish to have some argument.
  7. Which is gonna be faster - Manual or Auto?

    Those that say “but manual is more fun to drive” clearly don’t race cars. Maybe it’s more fun for you to drive to the local Price Club to pick your grandchildren up some cereal bars and get your wife some more oatmeal. These cars are meant to go fast, why keep them from going as fast as...