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  1. Subarashi

    2023 Nissan Z Engine and Manual Transmission - Technical Close Up

    Yeah there's going to be carbon deposits, you can greatly help this with a catch can. I currently use Mishomoto But I'm sure there's going to be plenty of options in the aftermarket to help this. The next problem you might gotta...
  2. Subarashi

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    The 7 speed auto is faster than the 6 speed manual in the 370Z if i remember right. This 9 speed which I'm hoping is going to improve if not fix every issue in the current 7 speed....yeah it's going to be a lot faster. On top of having more gears which when upshifting should still keep you in...
  3. Subarashi

    Its just a parts car…huh?

    I think people are mad about it being "recycled" parts because maybe they felt the price should have been lower. For example if they're reusing the Z34 chassis, and I don't know if they made any changes to it like stiffening it up and reinforcing certain areas like the GR86/BRZ The VR30 is from...
  4. Subarashi

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Apparently they were able to crack the ECU now:
  5. Subarashi

    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Lol nice! I don't have a coyote lol maybe one day or an LT4 I was looking for this post, but yeah the rods look to be much beefier; I was lurkin on the FT86 forum. We'll see how the rods handle mods as time goes on.
  6. Subarashi

    What to do between now and April?

    Well we got time to test drive the GR86 this november lol!
  7. Subarashi

    2023 Nissan Z Official Release! Specs, Pics, Videos, Wallpapers

    Lol looks like I already know what trim I'll have my eye on now
  8. Subarashi

    2023 Nissan Z Official Release! Specs, Pics, Videos, Wallpapers

    is the LSD not standard? It's only on the "performance" trim?
  9. Subarashi

    Should Nissan make a 300hp base model Z?

    Fortunately he did not lol but he came back very.....unhappy and bought a GT Mustang
  10. Subarashi

    Should Nissan make a 300hp base model Z?

    Classic, I know they would do to make people drive all the way out there and they're hoping that once they're there they just settle for the 2.0 since they already put in that much effort to make the drive. I had that happen with the Civic Type R, a friend of mine drove outta state because a...
  11. Subarashi

    Could The New Z Engine Be Nissan’s Last Twin-Turbo V6?

    It might be unless the US gets a new president in 2024 and they rollback all the EPA mandates or what not. But i don't know how much a US president would be able to change things.
  12. Subarashi

    Do you think Nissan is overhyping the car's reveal?

    I haven't heard much from Nissan about the Z, I thought they were being pretty quiet about it. The only thing I've been hearing and seeing is the new Nissan Rouge
  13. Subarashi

    2022 Nissan Z Has 400 HP, Costs $34,995 As Insider Spills The Beans

    I really want to belive it too lol, You can buy a Mustang GT or an SS Camro and get 450-460 HP around that same starting price.
  14. Subarashi

    Anyone worried about MY2023 version

    Yeah but now the newer model supras have locked ECUs, probably not a big deal if you're doing with something like JB4 but something to consider. As far as Nissan goes, looking at the GTR and 370Z I haven't seen very many changes except to the price increase :(
  15. Subarashi

    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Lol I'm down for a test drive, I read somewhere that the FA24 is actually lighter than the previous generation's FA20 which is pretty cool. Although I'm a little worried about the rods though since the FA20 rods couldn't handle very much torque at all.
  16. Subarashi

    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Saw this link: Subaru Announces Pricing On All-New 2022 BRZ -- All-new, second-generation lightweight handling sports car -- New, more powerful 2.4-liter SUBARU BOXER engine -- Subaru...
  17. Subarashi

    Chevy Corvette C8 vs Nissan Z35

    Lol man in my area they're all going for over 100K and I think they're still 100K last time I checked When the supra first came out the dealer wanted 80K for it smh I'm trying to wait it out to get a C8 once supply and demand hits at a balanced level
  18. Subarashi

    Chevy Corvette C8 vs Nissan Z35

    You got a C8 at MSRP!?