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  1. BobDigi5060

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    Congrats! I had a 05 AP2 for about a year. Went 151mph at 7800rpm and blew the doors off a SN95 5.0 with nitrous from a dig. I was 18. Still great cars. I thought about buying another one, but didn't. Waiting for pics bud 🤙
  2. BobDigi5060

    How hard will it be to get a Z?

    I wouldn't worry. Buy December through early April if you want to save some money.
  3. BobDigi5060

    Gun Metallic 2023 Nissan Z spotted in the Wild [Video]

    My g37 is graphite shadow. Imo the car looks good in any color.
  4. BobDigi5060

    NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    I believe it would handle really well if not better. I'd also like to have the option as other manufacturers do. But, I think we'll get the same ol' rwd with a slight power bump.
  5. BobDigi5060

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    Too bad the BRZ got a bigger power bump than this car. It's not the redesign i hoped for. Disappointing the way they went with the WRX, but the aftermarket will fix the exterior.
  6. BobDigi5060

    Where did everyone go to school? What was your major?

    Undergrad in Geology from UTEP. They want specialist in my field (more education) and I passed up grad school after I finished school. I was a project engineer for a construction company for a few years, but haven't used my degree since. Sold cars and made more than with my degree. Got laid off...
  7. BobDigi5060

    2020 Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Starts at $59,995

    Buy January through April if you want to save some money. I bought the cheapest 10r80 5.0 in the country last January for $31,8xx otd. Saved at least $5k and had it shipped to my home from 15 hours away for $600.
  8. BobDigi5060

    2020 Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Starts at $59,995

    I'm really considering one along with the Z. A year and a half ago I choose a 10 speed 5.0 and much lesser payment. I always wanted an NSX. The LT2 is a lot different, but awesome in it's own way. Many owners have had brakes, transmissions, and even engines replaced so if these issues get...
  9. BobDigi5060


    I wish they offered white and blue for the base model. Just not a fan of the roof I'd likely paint it right away.
  10. BobDigi5060

    Z Rear Spoiler Options?

    Aftermarket duckbill.
  11. BobDigi5060

    What was your first car?

    2003 Civic EX. My older cousin had one which is why I got it too. I could've gotten a Tiburon, Civic Si, Spec V, or something a little more expensive if I waited, but I chose the Civic. I had a header back and CAI with no tune, but could beat LS integras and 99-00 Si. Goes to show just how...
  12. BobDigi5060

    Pics of Z at private event, dealer meeting, and dealership in CA

    I love it. I'll honestly take white, blue, gray, etc in that order. Might have to go premium too. Hopefully they offer red and tan interior one day.
  13. BobDigi5060

    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    my oldest daughter can drive in ten years I may get one within the next five years and pass it down to her one day. I think it be a good first car.
  14. BobDigi5060

    AMS Performance VR30

    I wonder what an awd Z could do at the strip and track. Your always going to be limited by traction in an FR, but I don't think awd would automatically mean the fastest 1/4 mile time. It would still be a riot you see 1000hp+ GTRs breaking traction from rolls and digs.
  15. BobDigi5060

    Let's talk about weight

    I doubt it will weigh 3500+. As times goes on I'm less and less concerned about the weight. Price and mt are the biggest selling points for me, but if new C8s aren't problematic within two years I'm likely getting the C8.
  16. BobDigi5060

    Will $5k or $10k more be too much?

    I'm good with either a base or performance. Buy January-March and go with the lowest price possible when you do. It cost me $6xx to have my 5.0 shipped from about 14 hours away. I use to sell cars and I'm getting a good price on whatever I buy next.
  17. BobDigi5060

    2023 Nissan Z MSRP and other details from reveal event

    The aftermarket versions we're always better than what was provided from what I've heard over the years. I wish we had more solid color options.
  18. BobDigi5060

    Is $40k a good price for a 400hp Z?

    Base Caymans (and possibly still 911s) come with open diffs too. The deal breaker for me is going to be weight. I don't like the price increase and may buy something else if the weight is over 3500lbs.
  19. BobDigi5060

    2022 Nissan Z Has 400 HP, Costs $34,995 As Insider Spills The Beans

    The 86 starts around $29k. The price increase makes it a little harder for me too.