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  1. riverrun

    New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    Here's a few more videos posted to instagram
  2. riverrun

    2023 Nissan Z arrives at ZCON

    Here's the new Nissan Z at ZCON in Colorado
  3. riverrun

    Update: Nissan Confirms New Z and 370Z Share Same Chassis Code (Z34)

    Nissan Exec Confirms the New Z and 370Z Share the Same Chassis Code This ain't no Z35, even if Nissan surely made huge improvements to the new Z's aging Z34 underpinnings. Nick Yekikian Aug 18, 2021 When the Nissan Z Proto made its debut, we couldn't help but notice a considerable amount of...
  4. riverrun

    Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    @Dan_Passe - First, thank you for being on here to answer our questions. It is much appreciated!! The Z team did a great job. Will more info be released in the coming days/weeks?
  5. riverrun

    2022 Nissan Z Details: MSRP pricing, packages, power (hp), weight, transmission + more

    @Dan_Passe thank you for joining the convo here at NZC (I'll coin that acronym thank you). This is becoming the main/most active site for the new Z, if it isn't already. I'm sure I speak for most of us here that it's great being able to have direct communication with Nissan, and we won't blame...
  6. riverrun

    Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    The reinforcement bar needs to be right where that tape is to break up the large grill. Something like this render
  7. riverrun

    Nissan Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings

    Thanks for these! The light blue one is fire. Flows really well with the design
  8. riverrun

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    Great news! I'm surprised they kept it under wraps this whole time. They must have been working on this for many years. We had to wait at the front end so the back end wait is a lot shorter. Now let's hope the time between sales and production isn't too bad.
  9. riverrun

    Production 400Z expected when?

    At least they said it's basically production ready in terms of design and aero I think they said, so it gives hope it is sooner than later
  10. riverrun

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    2 mins! (Thanks for the invite) Btw I hadn't noticed this sketch image from the first post, interesting rear drawing.