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  1. Go2ZZZ

    Canadian Pricing - what do we think based on history?

    Man , I just can’t wait till this comes!
  2. Go2ZZZ

    Solid Ikazuchi Yellow Roof/Hatch

    Same here
  3. Go2ZZZ

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    Release the kraken!
  4. Go2ZZZ


    I’ll keep it simple. like: everything dislike: nothing
  5. Go2ZZZ

    Nissan Z demographics

    I’m the same age but people think I’m 48 lol
  6. Go2ZZZ

    Front Plate Placement & Custom Plates

    All the good ones were gone so I got “go 2 zzz” instead.
  7. Go2ZZZ

    New Nissan Z Will Be a 'Dance Partner,' Says Chief Engineer

    It can be both positive or negative depends how you look at it. if someone wants speed with this car and reads this article, they might be discouraged lol. However, he’s telling the truth. I agree
  8. Go2ZZZ

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    I wanna drag so I’m taking auto
  9. Go2ZZZ

    AMS Performance discusses 2023 Nissan Z -- 1,000 HP Goals

    How soon will performance parts be available? TIA
  10. Go2ZZZ

    Black Diamond 2023 Nissan Z previewed

    That will look amazing when clean, but the first swirl mark will one quick and be like why did i get black lol I’ve had a show car in black way back, it’s way too much maintenance to take care of
  11. Go2ZZZ

    Covid & Vaccines discussion

    You shouldn’t trust the media. I personally think there is something bigger going on and we’re not being told the truth. Call me a conspiracy theorists but I have done my research.
  12. Go2ZZZ

    Which color Nissan Z will you get?

    Maybe it’s time to change/edit the names of the colours?
  13. Go2ZZZ

    Spec Sheets: Tell us what YOUR 2023 Nissan Z build specs will look like and why!

    Yes!!!! I’m not not looking to “fake” the proto spec. I just want the yellow car and matching calipers. Don’t care if it days Nissan or Z on it. So, yes this is awesome news!
  14. Go2ZZZ

    Spec Sheets: Tell us what YOUR 2023 Nissan Z build specs will look like and why!

    I really want the yellow calipers in the performance package. If they don’t throw in the bronze wheels (obviously not the interior version of the proto spec) I still want the yellow and don’t want the red calipers. It makes sense to at least offer the yellow calipers
  15. Go2ZZZ

    The new Z: what's missing?

    Again, for the tuners and mod guys, it will be changed either way. So, really don’t matter cause you buy these cars to make it your own way (for some peeps)
  16. Go2ZZZ

    Did Nissan make the right call by naming it just "Z"?

    They did right. My Asian friends don’t like the #4. So, if they went with 400z they wouldn’t get it,