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  1. ZDreamer

    What's in the news today...

    Nicky Manaj vs Ballsgate scandal lawlz
  2. ZDreamer

    ONE best new feature that impresses, and ONE that missed

    Tan interior is for bland colors like white, gray, black. Red or cinnamon would look good with blue exterior, IMO. Like you, I'm aiming for some bland color, white exterior with tan leather interior
  3. ZDreamer

    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Looks like bigger and longer stroke, likely to produce more torque at lower RPM-range. But the con-rod geometry is the biggest change of all. I wonder why.
  4. ZDreamer

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    "..I'm 6ft with proportional body" ... lol ... I wonder if any reviewer say that their body isnt with short legs and long torso .... lol
  5. ZDreamer

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    Dat a** just need some serious nip/tuck
  6. ZDreamer

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

    Bro, it's the internet. If few ppl say so, it's truth!!! lol
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    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    Nice fender flares. Reminds me of my 4Runner
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    Is $40k a good price for a 400hp Z?

    I think if Nissan want to price it appropriately, they should follow their statistic of 370z sold between 2005-2020. Particularly in 2019-2020, people have look the other way and bought a Supra instead. Many folks on here think Supra doesn't sell, bc no MT or only 300hp, but their sale records...
  9. ZDreamer

    Music Thread : What are you listening to?

    Bad mood: 2-Pac while mowing lawn bc my HOA has been on my case of not cutting grass Good mood: Kaycee/ATB/Alice DJ and 90s trance when I'm working or doing the honey-do list.
  10. ZDreamer

    Suspension - Z proto vs 370Z

    So I'm guessing the Z will maintain the double-A arms for front and multi-link rear, like the GT-R. I think if the Z change to "McPherson strut design", that would be very problematic for a lot of people.
  11. ZDreamer

    Could The New Z Engine Be Nissan’s Last Twin-Turbo V6?

    Do you software tune your cars? I'm interested in learning and wonder how people gotten into the trade. How did you get into it and do you have any advise for me?
  12. ZDreamer

    Could The New Z Engine Be Nissan’s Last Twin-Turbo V6?

    It's probably more complex than that. Maybe if Toyota produce the solid-state batteries w/in the next few years, there will be more hybrid sport cars. E.g. the 1st gen NSX is 3000lbs and the 2nd gen NSX is 3800lbs. Most of the increased in weight is from the hybrid system. Imagine the 370z...
  13. ZDreamer

    Battery Location

    Where was the GT4's cigarettes' lighter plug located, inside or outside?
  14. ZDreamer

    What changes were made to VR30?

    If you saw it from the teen couple youtubers, that's false. The guy holding the gas can, labeled E85, clarified that the can has unleaded fuel (i.e. up to 15%ethanol)
  15. ZDreamer

    Raiti's Rides: Is the ALL NEW 2023 Nissan Z a BETTER sports car than the Toyota Supra?

    F**k! $38K is too much. Gotta do it at $34,995 for AT. ;););) BTW, when is Nissan make official pricing announcement?
  16. ZDreamer

    2022 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance

    Bring back the wagon IS: IS 500 wagon
  17. ZDreamer

    A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    be careful with the dissent opinions on here ... lol
  18. ZDreamer

    Where did everyone go to school? What was your major?

    Psychology is a good field, only if you pursue Master and up. The cost benefit is very low compare to other degrees though, bc of graduate school requirement.
  19. ZDreamer

    Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    What's the rear tire and wheel specs?
  20. ZDreamer


    Likes: the improved body design w/ the classic fastback look Dislikes: nothing yet