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  1. Show me the red interior ….

    No doubt it will be offered on the Nismo version.
  2. All-new Z exterior designer Naoyuki Ohkoshi and interior designer Takuya Yamashita interview

    Some more pics over on japanesenostalgiccar.
  3. Your Favorite *Rare/Limited* Cars of All Time

    2002 M-Spec Nür R34
  4. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

  5. Toyota GR 86 vs Nissan Z

  6. R35 Nissan GT-R Thread

    Is this going to be the new R36?
  7. Front Plate Placement & Custom Plates

    For our friends from down under.
  8. Japanese Nostalgic Car - What we learned from seeing the production 2023 Nissan Z in person

    IIRC the S30 and S130 were the only Zs have to have a straight six.
  9. 2022 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance

    We finally have pricing!