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  1. zeeder

    Raiti's Rides: Is the ALL NEW 2023 Nissan Z a BETTER sports car than the Toyota Supra?

    My guess is that the performance will be between $45k and $48k. The price difference between a base and sport+touring was $8k but I’m hoping some magic happens and it’s closer to the $45k. That said, I won’t be able to buy for a couple/few years.
  2. zeeder

    400Z Lauch Date Changed?

    Nissan unveiled the Nissan Z, not 400Z, on 8/17/21 and they said then it would be available Spring 2022. This is the only official information and anything that was given previously was rumor or guessing.
  3. zeeder

    A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    I have to admit that I am, like this journalist, intrigued by the idea of a budget electric sports car. That said, that is 100% a trickle-down technology that won't be available for the unwashed masses for several more years. Then again, we may be heading in the direction where only upper-class...
  4. zeeder

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    This is Passion Red in a 370:
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    Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    For Porsche, you can add them standalone for $700, or thereabouts. I usually price Caymans, the 911 is $840:
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    Japanese Nostalgic Car - What we learned from seeing the production 2023 Nissan Z in person

    Interesting. I always thought they made the switch to V6 with the Z33. I guess that's what I get for assuming!
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    Japanese Nostalgic Car - What we learned from seeing the production 2023 Nissan Z in person

    I agree with others that it was a good write-up, however, I'm pretty sure the 300ZX-TT had a twin turbo inline six and not a V6.
  8. zeeder

    Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    Agreed, the dark graphite, or whatever the name is, wheels are a bit dark for my liking. Now, a gunmetal would be sweet!
  9. zeeder


    They have not said anything about restricting any of the colors. Someone made the assumption that the monochrome colors were for the base for some reason.
  10. zeeder

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    For grins, I looked up the price difference for different trims for the 370 and the sport vs performance seems to be the same as the base vs sport-touring and the price difference there was about $8000. I'm hoping for not higher than $45,000, for the performance, though.
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    I think they are conflating base model with the monochrome colors. They're wanting a monochrome option for the white and blue instead of just the black, grey, and maroon colors.
  12. zeeder

    What was your first manual car?

    I think I win, mine was a 1995 Geo Metro! Salesman taught me how to drive stick on the test
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    NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    400 HP at 3000 lbs is a Cayman GTS. You're not going to get that for $40k!
  14. zeeder

    Donut Media - Is Nissan Back?

    I'd expect that from a dealer as they're almost always clueless but an automotive channel that claims to be a fan of the car not taking the time to get these things right is a little weird.
  15. zeeder

    Donut Media - Is Nissan Back?

    I found it interesting that they're still getting the name, and chassis code, wrong.
  16. zeeder

    New Nissan Z Will Be a 'Dance Partner,' Says Chief Engineer

    People have been using engine and motor interchangeably for a long time, i.e. Motortrend!
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    Hands-On Impressions, Analysis & Reactions from the web about the 2023 Nissan Z

    That got me to watch the video but it's definitely photoshop as there is no red Z in the video.
  18. zeeder

    What was your first car?

    My dad gifted me the truck but I had to pay about $1500 to get it roadworthy again. That’s quite a bit of money when you’re making $4.25/hour!