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  1. 3M Vinyl Wrap for black roof

    ^^ THIS! I've seen a number of attempts and never a match made. Close, but no. Only guarantee is wrap the whole thing.
  2. What was your first manual car?

    1981 Toyota Celica. First manual and the first car I bought. Engine was so quite when idle, sometimes couldn't tell it was running.
  3. Serian Blue Nissan Z spotted in the wild

    He's there. Looks impressed.
  4. Which Nissan Z Generation Is Your Favorite?

    This needs a poll with an "All" option
  5. Nissan Z Meme Thread

    Side effect of the multiverse maybe
  6. Z1 rep speaks about new Z's modified VR

    I've watched a lot of this guy's videos. Particularly during his Q60 days. He's currently with Z1 Motor and has a ton of experience modifying the VR engine. He speaks truthfully about what he's found out about the Z's version, both good and bad. MOSTLY good though. He goes into some detail about...
  7. Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    Can't remember where, but read the sound from intro video was not the actual output. Go to 8:45 in the video. As I suspected it sounds more like my Q50 Red Sport when I first got. Not bad, but not aggressive. Swapped in the Infiniti Sport exhaust.
  8. How accurate were the "leaks"?

    Hmmmm...maybe an inside job!?! ;)
  9. Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    Hi Dan, As stated many times, thanks for answering our questions. I have the Q50 and know that Infiniti has a partnership with AMS for performance mods, like intakes and heat exchanger. Infiniti even puts their brand on some of these products. Will Nissan do a similar partnership for the Z...
  10. Black Diamond 2023 Nissan Z previewed

    Oh man...that's pretty. As much as I love sports cars in black, I just can't again.
  11. New Nissan Emblem / Where’s the new Nissan logo?

    It's the new one. Hard to see on yellow one.
  12. Listen to the First 2022 Nissan Z Sounds from Latest Teaser Videos

    I stated in another thread that it will likely sound close to the Q50 and Q60. I warned there you may be disappointed in the exhaust note. It's not bad, just not as aggressive as I feel some of you are looking for. It is an easy, and can be inexpensive mod to make.
  13. VR30DDTT: 300hp vs 400hp

    The Red Sport motor is 400hp. I believe there is a Luxe/Silver Sport version with 300hp.
  14. NY Auto Show Cancelled, But Production Nissan Z Reveal Still Coming August 17 Says Nissan – Dan Passe!

    Yeah , but vaccines aren't cures. Their main job is to stop you from dying.
  15. Stanced new Z out of Japan-animation

    I like the size of the rear spoiler he created. Bigger than what we've seen on the production, but not too big.
  16. Stanced new Z out of Japan-animation

    I'm really not much of a fan of the stanced look, but this is an impressive video of an imagined Z.
  17. Nissan USA Instagram comment

    Good looking out, my friend! Thanks!!
  18. Nissan USA Instagram comment

    Awesome shot! Need a hi-res for desktop.