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  1. Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    This is how I feel about it too. I also see a lot of retro cues and modern take on the design elements of the 240Z and 300ZX. Even if they don't change the front grille it is growing on me already and Im sure there the aftermarket will address it.
  2. Photoshop of the Z Proto

    I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Just shows you the most polarizing part (front end) needs only slight change to look great.
  3. Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    VERY excited and I am glad to be back here it's been a looong time lol. I hope they give some more details about the production car....
  4. Next-Gen Nissan Z Coupe Coming Next Year! Possibly Named 400Z

    Woa just saw this pop up on twitter. I'm not holding my breath but if it's coming from the VP it seems like pretty solid proof it's real. Fingers crossed!!!
  5. New TVR Griffith

    TVR Griffith Production Pushed Back Until 2020
  6. What changes to the current Z would you like to see in the new model?

    With an upper end hybrid rumored, probably Nismo bound, those prices aren't going to be coming down either. But just maybe it will justify the high price tag and be worthy of a Nismo model.
  7. Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    Good to see that it finally appears Nissan is ready to move forward with the next Z. I agree 50k seems likely. There's been talk about it moving up market so that would not surprise me.
  8. 3.0 V6TT CONFIRMED!

    Really appreciate the pictures that were in the article to have a visual idea of it working. One sentence that got me was that "This engine is exclusively offered on Infiniti vehicles." That's very odd.
  9. 3.0 V6TT CONFIRMED!

    Perhaps but having choice is always better. That being said, I already accepted that the new Z might be AT only.
  10. Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    Hopefully we won't have to wait that much longer for any kind of concept/prototype.
  11. Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    Dark red for me.
  12. Nissan vows lighter future models

    I'm sure Nissan can engineer the weight loss on the future z35 without moving the car into a price bracket where it can't compete.
  13. Nissan Z35 won't be crossover. Will be smaller, more affordable, more mainstream

    Totally would be up to purchase this car if it's around the 26k range.