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  1. sluggoZ

    2023 Nissan Z arrives at ZCON

    2023 Z leads the way...
  2. sluggoZ

    Did Nissan make the right call by naming it just "Z"?

    I like the Z....I mention this Z name when the 350Z came out that Nissan should of called it just the Z. (It's a sports car) Just like what Chevrolet did with the Corvette name and eventually, badge only with the Corvette name.
  3. sluggoZ

    Invite to 2022 Nissan Z Global Reveal!

    Correct......from Chris Karl President of ZCON...."the new Z will be live from NYC we'll be part of it from ZCON Colorado. It's coordinated with ZCON opening banquet".
  4. sluggoZ

    Mark you calendars, August 17th is Nissan Z Reveal Day!

    They are NOT calling it the 400Z....I can not divulge.
  5. sluggoZ

    Will Dealers Markup The Z?

    When the 350Z came out, some dealers were getting up to 5 grand over the msrp. Guys were traveling from far away states & paying the price. As it turns out, all kinds of problems start arising...then came the Service Bulletins...tire feathering & more.
  6. sluggoZ

    New Member Introductions

    Member of the Cleveland Z Club...Trying to get more info on the new 7th generation 400Z.
  7. sluggoZ

    Nissan Z roadster coming? What about a T-Top, Targa Top, or Shooting Brake?

    Too many problems with the tops....I do not see a ZR coming out in the future.