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  1. SavedByFaith_

    Nismo Wheels Torque Spec

    Hello folks. Anyone know the torque spec in the Nismo OEM wheels? Nothing in the manual and no luck with my dealership contact either. TIA.
  2. SavedByFaith_

    Downpipes & Best Practices

    Hello all! I have some questions for those gearheads / tuners. The Z is my first Car that I'll be modifying to this degree, I've always been interested in Tuner / Modded cars with some friends having done mods to their cars and always in general interest of reading / watching up on this stuff...
  3. SavedByFaith_

    Felt like I climbed Mt. Everest. Picked up my Z! Driving Her Home & First Impressions

    Hello fellow Z enthusiasts and all alike, this post is my journey in acquiring my Z, driving her 3000km / 1850mi back home and my overall impression of the car thus far. I need to start by saying how much of a journey this all was -I thank Jesus Christ, my King & Savior, for everything, and to...
  4. SavedByFaith_

    Next Year?

    Hi all. New Canadian member just put in a reservation for a Z Performance / Boulder Grey. Reservation was done on a link from my local dealer over the weekend. Got a ring yesterday evening to get the details of the order. Obviously, the money question of when I'd get mine was asked. The answer...