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  1. Brock

    Added some things!

    Added a bit of bracing, and new hoses. Also switched out mufflers for straight pipes. Sounds much better now! 😊
  2. Brock

    Under the hood carbon fiber

    Recently put some carbon fiber under the hood! 😊
  3. Brock

    Dealerships, and car washing!

    I spent time, and money sealing my paint with a good ceramic finish. I wash my car with microfiber wash mitts, and brushes. I recently had a oil change at the dealership that I purchased the Z from. They advertise the fact that with any service, they wash your car. Sounds great! But they use a...
  4. Brock

    JB4 Tuner from BurgerTuning

    I installed a JB4 tuner from BurgerTuning, what a difference! I bought the main unit, plus the Bluetooth kit. Around $700 total. Installs in about 30 mins. Biggest amount of time is routing the OBD2 connector to the port under the dashboard. Getting the cable through the rubber grommet was hell...