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    Another VR30 Belt Slip Solution!

    VR30 Upgraded Anti Jump Pulley Kit (16+ Infiniti Q50/60 & 23+ Nissan Z) A closer look at the Racebox X NonStopTuning pulley kit we dropped yesterday! Replace the plastic OEM idler and tensioner pulleys with these to prevent the notorious belt slip issues on your VR30 vehicle. The upgraded...
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    We're Local!

    :)Hello everyone! We realized that we've made posts just about everywhere but HERE! Just popping to to say that we are local to Texas- Houston area! We offer tuning, maintenance, and parts install services, but most importantly, we're here to support and be active in the community! If you're...
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    Oil and Trans Fluid Change

    Just a nice walk through and DIY video from back when we first picked this bad boy up. FIRST thing we did was switch from 0W-20 to 5W-30 and give it a nice trans flush after that LONG drive home from Maine.
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    RZ34 Technical Questions

    Technical Assistance!
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    Racebox Customer Forum

    A spot for all current and potential Racebox family to interact
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    Intake Talk

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    Z Open Diff vs LSD Visual

    Just something we thought some of you might find interesting as a topic for discussion.. Here is a side by side visual comparison of the Open Differential and Limited Slip Differential from the Sport and Performance Z. Not something everyone gets to see every day.
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    Racebox Z on the 1/8th mile!

    Took the Z to Import Face-Off Houston this weekend, such a blast launching this car down a track again! Unfortunately I think we found the limits of the stock base model open diff… But hey, that's what we have this car for! We break things so you don't have to. Car cut a 1.50 60ft wheel...