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  1. PriZ

    Looks like new Nismo parts coming soon

    Looks like more Nismo parts are coming soon. Some of what I'm seeing pop up on Z1 and other sites:
  2. PriZ

    New Z Acquired!

    I was lucky enough to acquire a brand new Black Performance 6MT Z at MSRP! I've been calling dealerships and refreshing the nissan inventory page for almost 6 months now, and it finally paid off. I'm planning on babying it through the break-in period, but as soon as that's done I'm excited to...
  3. PriZ

    Sneak peek at some of what the NISMO might ship with.

    One of the guys at Nissan Motorsports put together a sample car with the available NISMO parts for the Z. The car also has some new parts not yet available at dealers like a new brake package. MSRP for the brake package was quoted to likely be around $5270 and they're trying to get it out by...
  4. PriZ

    Nismo Flywheel weight?

    Anyone know what the stock flywheel weight is? Also any idea what the nismo one might be? The old stock flywheel on the 370z was about 34 pounds: The nismo flywheel for the new Z used to be up but now just shows an...