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  1. Bridgestone Potenza S007's - Worn through at 14,000 Miles!

    My two suggestions—well, perhaps three—would be the following: 1) Find a different dealership and run the same by them 2) Contact Nissan Corporate 3) Contact Bridgestone...
  2. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Revealed with 420 HP / 384 LB-FT + Auto Transmission Only

    I assume at Sonoma? Did they mention a day? I would be happy to go try and scope it out. EDIT: Never mind, saw you linked to right around where it was discussed (and someone left timestamps in comments). They also recorded this on September 8, which was last week, so must be referencing this...
  3. How to search for a Z

    All 6 Z's within 50 or so miles of me are marked up at least 5k, some upwards of 15k. I am truly amazed dealers are still trying these antics.

    I say trip, but plan accordingly like everyone else has been proposing. I shipped my EN from ABQ, and would say I regretted it but this was in January during a just, insane wet season here, and with PS4S tires and cold temps with the very real possibility of driving through snow/ice on the way...
  5. The 7th Gen Mustang S650 Has Officially Landed!!

    Kind of insane the car was announced in February and y'all took it home...7 months later? This feels weird saying, but...props, Ford. That's a proper rollout.
  6. Gamers gather here

    So reassuring to know I'm not the only one, lol.
  7. Gamers gather here

    I've been having a hard time getting into Starfield, mostly because of the mapping/navigation setup. Feels...clumsy? And not well thought out? I'm gonna try to push through because it sounds like the game is worth it. Y'all have any tips/tricks, they would be welcomed and appreciated.
  8. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Revealed with 420 HP / 384 LB-FT + Auto Transmission Only

    At Sonoma I assume? If you get dates, let us know...I'd be willing to make the trip if I'm able.
  9. Who is going to track the new Z?

    The same is unfortunately the case in the northern part of the state if it makes you feel any better - I'm itching to get the EN out, but I don't hate the car nor myself that much lol
  10. NissanZClub Markup Thread

    @jayhawk70 may have some good advice on road tripping in the Z - they had a great thread about it here Which Nissan dealers in FL have you reached out to? I made contact with a ton of them while still living down there and on the hunt for a Z, can try to dig up contact info of sales folks I was...
  11. New Z Acquired!

    Congrats! Always love to see hard work pay off.
  12. What cars do you currently own?

    I honestly wasn't sure about that color until I saw it in person, and I fell in love. It's just the right amount of eye-catching imo.
  13. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Revealed with 420 HP / 384 LB-FT + Auto Transmission Only

    These two replies pretty much sum up my thoughts. Great to see (some) investment in suspension/chassis, but still skimping on tires? I can't help but to channel my inner Chris Berman - "c'mon, man!" It also kind of bugs me they're gonna try to push this out in the fall, when they still can't...
  14. New Z Sport MANUAL just SITTINNG at Dealership!

    Would appear that it's marked up roughly 10k - Likely explains why people are bailing
  15. 2020 Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Starts at $59,995

    Online config is up and running -
  16. New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    Ariya's are overflowing at the Nissan dealership not too far from me, so I'm (unfortunately) not surprised that's the case. EDIT: I just looked on their website out of curiosity - 35 on the lot. Thirty. Five.
  17. Michelin PS4S tires = Big Difference on 2023 Z

    Good tires will forever be worth the price paid. One could probably argue they're the most important part of the car to NOT cheap out on - especially considering, among other things, they're what touches the ground.
  18. Michelin PS4S tires = Big Difference on 2023 Z

    My EN came with 'em from the factory, and they truly are something else when it comes to street-oriented tires. With regards to 60 degrees and below, I've been diligent in giving them time to warm up and they're usually fine. I haven't driven them in temps below 40 for a multitude of reasons...