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  1. SavedByFaith_

    Blitz Carbon Intake System

    Super nice If I didn't have my nismo with Nismo CAI This would have been the choice!
  2. SavedByFaith_

    Nissan Z Dual Tomei catback

    Love em! Can't wait to break-in and open her up. Does hang a little low, even on stock suspension; need to be careful there :/
  3. SavedByFaith_

    Tomei exhaust

    Clips on the other post:
  4. SavedByFaith_

    Nissan Z Dual Tomei catback

    Got my Dual Tomei CBE installed this week Done at a professional garage. Owner tells me the quality in the titanium is A1, some of the best he's seen. Sound is absolutely perfect, like Kev says, perfect for daily Not to loud or obnoxious for early morning starts. Still need to do WOT, after...
  5. SavedByFaith_

    Nissan Z Dual Tomei catback

    Amazing! Sounds perfect, beat me to it by a week! Getting my installed early next week, thanks for the tip on the relocation - will be helpful!!
  6. SavedByFaith_

    MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Amazing Lap Sir! ⚡✨🏆
  7. SavedByFaith_

    Tomei exhaust

    Got it It seems to be US made, as the part number starts with T. I'll be sure to inspect everything prior to install And provide details and clips when it's done.
  8. SavedByFaith_

    Tomei exhaust

    Wasn't planning on opening until I was getting it installed, but decided to open and take a peek of the y mid pipe. Not sure on if it's USA made or JPN, wasn't able to find a part number on the piece I peeked at (will look more closer when I get it installed) I did order it from CZP. Welds...
  9. SavedByFaith_

    Tomei exhaust

    Nothing I've seen yet. I will be putting on my Dual Tomei at the end of March. Won't be able to go full throttle as I need to do my break-in miles But will get a cold start / idle Stay tuned for a clip in the coming weeks.
  10. SavedByFaith_

    She'Z home!

    Congrats, amazing car!! I got my Nismo anfew weeks ago Still in the garage for storage, Canadian winters.... Will be taking her out for her maiden drive in April!!!
  11. SavedByFaith_

    MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Any Diff temp/fluid issues? Any insight into your hot times vs. cooldown times?
  12. SavedByFaith_

    Full PPF Done on my 2024 Nismo Z

    When I got PPF done on my performance, the "triangles" were covered.
  13. SavedByFaith_

    2024 Z NISMO Reviews

    Totally! I love ripping it in the back roads, seeing him push it quite hard was vicarious.
  14. SavedByFaith_

    Any coffee snobs out there?

    Amazing! Only time i have a second cup of coffee in a day is when it's quality like your machine. I have a couple of amazing cafes in my neck of the woods which i love to visit here and there to get premo coffee! Definitely not a connoisseur or anything, but i like to believe i can tell a good...
  15. SavedByFaith_

    Any coffee snobs out there?

    Love my daily cup of joe Just a simple Keurig machine at my house Your setup looks stellar ✨☕
  16. SavedByFaith_

    Blitz Aero Speed R Concept Aero Parts

    Amazing looking kit ⚡
  17. SavedByFaith_

    (New Member) Got my NISMO......classic muscle to JDM.....let the journey begin!

    Tyvm Black! SG was my preference But, black was the only one available for my situation (Close to home, MSRP) Being in Canada, much fewer numbers then the USD Nismo availability. Imo, every color on the Nismo edition looks amazing