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  1. MacCool

    Preferred Gas Station - What’s Yours?

    93 octane isn't available around here. The only premium choice is between with or without ethanol. I choose the gas station for fueling based on the quality of their car wash.:)
  2. MacCool

    Hatch Half Unlocks?

    I had this problem with my 2012 Z34, exacerbated by the retractible tonneau cover. I solved that issue with the coin trick. When I bought my 2014 Z34, I transferred that tonneau cover to it but the hatch popped free of the latch just fine. With my recently-purchased 2024 RZ34, I again...
  3. MacCool

    How to search for a Z

    Pain free. It illustrates the value of having an honest reliable dealer that realizes that striving for short-term profit at all costs is counterproductive. This dealer is 90 miles from me and I drive right past my local dealer, 10 miles away, to get there. That local dealership isn't scummy...
  4. MacCool

    How to search for a Z

    Yeh. In my case, when I looked at the dealer's website, the price that they had listed was MSRP + scuffguard and lighted door sills. No BS "market adjustment". When I told them over the phone that I wanted to buy the car, we never had anything written down so I was at least a little relieved...
  5. MacCool

    How to search for a Z

    I'm still kind of surprised at the ongoing difficulties with finding 2024 Z' must vary widely from region to region. When I decided to pull the trigger on a new Z back in September, I called my Nissan dealer (bought several cars from them) after noting that they had the exact Performance...
  6. MacCool

    Any coffee snobs out there?

    George Clooney loves Nespresso. That's good enough for me. After all, he's a movie star...he must be really smart.
  7. MacCool

    RZ34 Merch

    Some nice stuff for the classic Z logo. I need a hat, but sadly I'm too old to wear a flat-brim/snapback/thrasher hat.
  8. MacCool

    Scuff guards: worth it?

    Just double-sided 3M tape, right? What did you perceive as the advantage to removing them?
  9. MacCool

    Rock chip

    No question, the front of the Z is a rock magnet. I don't know about other areas, but Minnesota road crews have some kind of love affair with rock/oil aggregates....makes a clear bra PPF much more important. Doesn't help the windshield, and on my 370Z I had the windshield replaced once and resin...
  10. MacCool

    Strange winter...

    I'll be switching to the PS4's as soon as these OEM's wear out. Don't really need all-season tires...strictly a non-winter car. Except in a super-El Niño year, apparently.
  11. MacCool

    Driving Z in the winter?

    I buy Z cars because they are fun to drive...great acceleration and aggressive cornering. Those characteristics and the driving fun go out the window when there's snow on the roads, and the severe winter limitations of a 400hp RWD car with 4 inches of ground clearance. Those handicaps aren't...
  12. MacCool

    Strange winter...

    Both of my 370Z's did well in rain..even with the OEM Potenzas, even better with the subsequent Michelins. OTOH, neither tire is even close to being driveable with even a dusting of snow and I'm absolutely confident my 2024 Z will be no better. Normally I'd be driving my pickup truck this time...
  13. MacCool

    Strange winter...

    Nissan Z's are NOT good winter cars here in Minnesota. Snowy roads in a 400hp RWD sports car with summer performance tires and low ground clearance just don't work. Normally here , one can count on putting the car in the storage garage on a Battery Tender until March at the earliest. We had a...
  14. MacCool

    Anyone have (or considered) the Dual Camera Drive Recorder option?

    I use a mirror tap to power my radar detector, will also use it for a dashcam if I decide to go that way.
  15. MacCool

    Anyone have (or considered) the Dual Camera Drive Recorder option?

    There are far cheaper and more convenient options all over Amazon.
  16. MacCool

    Phone mount suggestions

    Yeh, I'm familiar. But the one I reference above fits my Z, my GMC, and my wife's Murano perfectly. If I had any complaints about it, it would be about the magnet being so strong.
  17. MacCool

    Nissan Z Proto Scale Model

    I can't believe that I didn't think of that. Thanks.
  18. MacCool

    Nissan Z Proto Scale Model

    I have the Tamiya 1/24th kit...still trying to find the best acrylic paint color match for my Gun Metallic Z Performance 2024. For to any brands, but generally use Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics. Any ideas?
  19. MacCool

    OEM Potenza S007...performance in cold weather?

    My experience on these OEM Potenzas over the last few days, sunny and 40° ambient, dry roads, has been that I've seen no traction issues up to 0.6 G's. I haven't pushed it any harder than that. I do notice every crack and tar strip on the road, likely a combination of tire and the heavy sway...
  20. MacCool

    OEM Potenza S007...performance in cold weather?

    Maybe they have some left in inventory.