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  1. APEX Wheels

    ► APEX Wheels | Survey For New Wheel Designs, Fitments, & Finishes

    APEX Wheels | Universal JDM / KDM Wheel Survey Interested in lightweight wheels for your JDM/KDM machine? Let us know! Hello everyone! Here at Apex, we are constantly working on new wheel options to best serve all of the various enthusiast communities out there. Specifically we’ve got some...
  2. APEX Wheels

    ► APEX Wheels | Customer Survey For New Wheel Fitments

    APEX | Nissan Z Customer Survey Interested in lightweight wheels for Nissan Z? Let us know! Here at APEX we’re working to expand our JDM-specific wheel fitments for chassis like the RZ34 Nissan Z. We would like to hear from the community to get a better understanding of what you would like to...
  3. APEX Wheels

    Hello from Apex Wheels!

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt and I’m the JDM Product Expert here at Apex Wheels. We are excited to begin supporting the Z (RZ34) chassis as well as the community! For those whom we have not yet had the pleasure of working with, since 2007, our focus at APEX has been to produce...