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  1. jayhawk70

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    I've seen 2 in the wild here in northern California. The first was a yellow one on a flatbed truck. (probably being transported to a buyer, as it did not look damaged in any way.) The second was a Rosewood going by my Zs (my blue 240Z and RZ34) at a local car show as the show was ending. I...
  2. jayhawk70

    Looked under my trunk mat and found….

    FYI, the space for the space saver spare tire from the 370Z is still there in the 2023Z, both Performance and Sport trims. I bought a 370Z spare off eBay, removed the center foam section in the 2023, and installed the space saver spare. The Bose subwoofer (in the Performance Z) fits in the...
  3. jayhawk70

    Anyone have (or considered) the Dual Camera Drive Recorder option?

    Update 2: for adding the tiny Garmin Mini2 to my RZ34. I installed the Garmin Mini 2 in my new Z and found that that the Dongar adapter for Nissans was the easy plug and play way to provide 12v power to the dashcam . It used the existing 10 pin connector on the back of the mirror so no covers...
  4. jayhawk70

    Three new Zs together.

    Three new Zs of ZONC members (Z Owners of Northern California) at yesterday's meet and greet at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA. We have 4 new Zs so far in the club.
  5. jayhawk70

    Splash Guards and Spare Tire

    The regular tire does not sit flat in the spare tire well because of its width. It cannot get under a lip at the back of the spare tire well. I placed it angled up from the spare tire well toward the front of the car. It does take up a lot of room but we were able to close the hatch. If...
  6. jayhawk70

    Splash Guards and Spare Tire

    The Tire Low pressure warning Display came as I was backing out of the garage. Found a screw at the edge of the tire area (rear tire). Mounted the spare and took it to the local Nissan dealer and my America's Tire dealer hoping they could just patch it. Nissan said tire was too worn on the...
  7. jayhawk70

    2023 Z Bose Sub vs 2009 370Z Bose Sub - will it fit?

    I'm a little late to this thread, but I did get a 370Z spare tire for my 2023 Z for our cross country trip in June ( The 370Z space saver spare fits fine in the 2023Z...
  8. jayhawk70

    Splash Guards and Spare Tire

    I actually had to use the 370Z spare that I added to my new 2023 Z. I just used the chocks from my 240Z... :D Lots of old Z stuff remains useful!
  9. jayhawk70

    Android Auto for the new Z -- wireless or wired?

    Have not really tried. My wife has an iPhone, but I've got a Pixel and since I'm the primary driver, we have not bothered to try. On the Z, its so convenient to just connect with a short cable that I don't see much value in trying to set up the wireless Apple CarPlay.
  10. jayhawk70

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    Joel, I had my Serian Blue RZ34 in KC from April to June. I had purchased it in Chicago and driven it to our son's home in Overland Park. Left it there until we returned in June to drive it home to California. While there in June I tried to take it to a KC Z Club gathering at the Legends, but...
  11. jayhawk70

    New Z Model Name | What Should It Be Called?

    Someone in California has already taken RZ34 for a "personalized" license plate. And ZR34 is used also.
  12. jayhawk70

    New Member, my 3rd Z

    Oh man, losing a Z to a hurricane is tough! Hope it was well insured. My "collection" is going to shrink as soon as I can get the red '93 Z32 past smog. Not enough room in the garage. Its been my daily driver since 2003 (20 years!) but now no space in the garage. I'm really going to miss...
  13. jayhawk70

    New Member, my 3rd Z

    You didn't keep the older ones?
  14. jayhawk70

    Picked up my Z today!! 2023 Ikazuchi Performance M/T : Road Trip Blog

    In aeronautical terms, that would be called a speed brake... But you do need them on both sides to avoid a yaw on landing...😁😁😁 A6 Intruder "trapping" aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, 1972
  15. jayhawk70

    Picked up my Z today!! 2023 Ikazuchi Performance M/T : Road Trip Blog

    GREAT Road Trip report! And lots of great photos. Looks like you got to drive some beautiful roads and highways and got to some scenic wonders. Thanks!
  16. jayhawk70

    Picked up my Z today!! 2023 Ikazuchi Performance M/T : Road Trip Blog

    Congratulations on the new Z. And congrats on making a road trip out the return to California! Great fun! If you are going I70 west, take the old highway over Loveland Pass, not the Interstate through the Eisenhower Tunnel. Much more fun - better scenery and some twisty roads. (photo from...
  17. jayhawk70

    Splash Guards and Spare Tire

    I did this also for our cross country trip in the new Z. (Kansas City to California on US Highway 50). Bought the 370Z spare on ebay and a generic Nissan jack and tool set from Amazon (about $50). I had to remove a little foam to fit the generic jack, but everything fit. (I'm thinking of...
  18. jayhawk70

    Current gas prices in your area? / Oil News

    I see your 27.7 and raise! (from our cross country trip Chicago to KC to California) (there were a couple of 100+ mph stretches in there, but not enough to overcome the 25 mph local driving....)
  19. jayhawk70

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    I've seen 2 in the "wild". (Not counting those at ZCON or our club president's Proto Spec at club meets - Z Owners of Northern California - ZONC) I saw a Yellow one on a flatbed truck about a month ago driving south on I680 (San Francisco Bay area). Then a Rosewood in the aisle of our local...
  20. jayhawk70

    New Z vs 240Z

    Sorry for those having "blue" fatigue, but I'll never tire of it! Here is the 240Z that I bought new in April of 1973 and our 2023 Z, also bought new this last April. (After keeping one Blue Metallic (Paint Code 115) Z for 50 years, how could we not get the new 2023 Z in Seiran Blue?)