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  1. Georges1

    Everyday Driver: Z NISMO vs GR Supra vs Dark Horse Mustang

    I also like what Nissan did with the Nismo nose. Makes the front look more like the 240, 260, & early 280
  2. Georges1

    Everyday Driver: Z NISMO vs GR Supra vs Dark Horse Mustang

    Great video with a nice comparison of the 3 cars. Glad to see there is still a Mustang around. I agree, if the Nismo was available with a stick, it would be The Bomb.
  3. Georges1

    GroupZ post-Thanksgiving drive

    Love to see the Z's get together. That looked like a great drive. Enjoy the outing on Dec 2nd and send some pics
  4. Georges1

    Almost got my Z...

    I thought those types of things just happened to me LOL. That's tough, but at least they did not try to shine it up and sell it to you. I agree that the car should never have gotten out of quality control. Hang in there. I see blue M/T's pop up so you will get yours.
  5. Georges1

    Back in a Z once again, doot doot doo doo

    Looks great. You will enjoy your new ride. Congratulations.
  6. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Passion Red Tri Coat continues to be listed as a color option on the Nissan USA website. There is a red Nismo coming to the Austin, Texas area. If they are building red Nismo’s it would seem logical that the color would be available at some point this year during a production run. It seems...
  7. Georges1

    New Member, my 3rd Z

    That baby is glowing. Has a nice mean look. You are obviously enjoying your new ride.
  8. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Thanks. Good info. Nice to see some reality starting to happen in the Z market.
  9. Georges1

    MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Very Nice. You have two great cars to have fun with. Enjoy and safe driving.
  10. Georges1

    Zs at JCCS event

    Very cool to see all the Z’s together from the classic 240 up to the new Z, including the ‘24 Nismo.
  11. Georges1

    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    Congratulations. Your Z will pop with those wheels. Anxious to see them mounted.
  12. Georges1

    New Member New Z!

    Congratulations!! It’s too bad to have to jump through all the hoops, but your perseverance paid off. Enjoy your new Z
  13. Georges1

    Any changes for the 2024 Z?

    I would not be surprised to see some subtle changes, not with the exterior but enhancements on items that could operate better. One thing that comes to mind is back up camera improvements. Also some improvements to the car’s electronics where glitches have occurred should happen. I would be...
  14. Georges1

    Trickle charger 2023 Z?

    I use this brand battery tender on my 240 & my 2017 Silverado that I don’t drive much. I have also used it on other classic cars throughout the years having owned about 6 of them at one time. I have included pics of the alligator clips and the direct connection to the battery. Personally, I...
  15. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Ouch. Crazy
  16. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    I just found the deal of the century LOL. I have a feeling that buyers will not be beating a path to their door. A Blue AT Sport Model with 952 Miles for $62,768 2023 Nissan Z SPORT MERCHANT NISSAN (583 mi away) 334-779-6750 952 miles | Model year 2023 | | 6 Cylinder | Coupe | Automatic | 2...
  17. Georges1

    Bought a new Z !!! east coast NY, LONG ISLAND

    The first thing I do when I buy a vehicle is remove their “advertising.” If they want to advertise, they can pay a royalty, LOL.
  18. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Nice to see a fair dealer. There are still many greedy dealers who will get someone to pay an inflated price. New 2023Nissan ZPerformance Auto Lorenzo Nissan's Price $53,499 MSRP $53,535 See Important Disclosures Here
  19. Georges1

    Bought a new Z !!! east coast NY, LONG ISLAND

    Your patience and tenacity paid off. Great job and have fun with your new ride.
  20. Georges1

    Fairlady Z Customized Edition package pricing announced for Japan

    I like having customizing options, IE front end, side stripe (depending on car color I buy), & hood decal and would buy those for a new Z. The process has been so slow but seems finally to be gaining some steam, but we will have to see what happens with future production.